Thursday, August 25, 2011


How many of you are full of it right now?  If I see one more handout that needs to be filled out by families or receive one more calendar change, I might scream! :)  But seriously, all those little things start to add up, and the stress begins to build as the new year approaches.

Tomorrow is my 1st offical day back!  District meetings + working in my room + it being Friday = a relatively easy start back to school.  Today, on my last official day of summer vacation... instead of dealing with all the minutia that is scattered on my tables, I shopped and decorated my bulletin board!  It's amazing how an hour and a half of border, hot glue guns, straw, and faux flowers can awaken you from all the little things that get piled on in the end.

Here's what I created for our western themed back to school event...

While at the teacher store, I happened upon these retro-looking Carson Dellosa star crowns.  I didn't have any birthday crowns.  (Oops, I forgot to order them!)  Thus, I found these on clearance and love how they remind me of when I was in kindergarten!  Has anyone else seen these?

I will write "Happy Birthday, _______!"  in the big star on the front.  I usually use the birthday cake ones, but with it being only $5.50 on clearance for 30 crowns, I couldn't pass up the deal! 

Also, I have a question... is anyone else OBSESSED with these? 

Wish me luck as I attempt to wake up at 6:30 AM for the first time in two and a half months!  There will be Starbucks in my hand and a smile on my face... I'm sure of it!  

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  1. OOOH!!!!!!!! I love those pencils. They sharpen so quickly and smoothly.............Have a great 1st day, sis!