Monday, August 22, 2011

Open House!

Soooo, I worked in my classroom today, and I feel like I didn't accomplish anything.  Ha ha ha!  I start oodles of  things, but flit from one thing to another.  Does anyone else do that?!  The one thing I did finish was some  Open House items... most importantly, my "favors" and my helping hands board.

We are doing a western themed back to school in my kindergarten building.  I lucked out at Walmart and found sidewalk chalk for 50 cents a 12 pack!  And, I found, get this... GOOGLY BANDS for 10 cents a pack!  Seriously!  I sat on the floor in Walmart and pilfered through 2 huge tubs.  I'm sure I looked like a loon!  I ended up with 50 + packs!

To make these packs, I put 2 pieces of chalk, 2 horse shaped silly bands, and one train shaped silly band in a jewelry baggie.  I used Avery label maker to make cute labels and picked up some gingham ribbon for $1.97/spool at Walmart today.  Ta da!

Also, I worked on my annual helping hands bulletin board.  I have a note and different items (extras) that families may donate to the classroom.

Here are some close ups of the hands I found at Walmart for 98 cents!  (Yes, I was too lazy to use the Ellison!)  Ha ha ha ha!  Am I forgetting anything?

How do you get families to help you with things in your classroom?  Best to all who are already teaching and getting ready for a new year!

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