Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Quick & Dirty... and T.G.F.Y!

Reasons for being M.I.A from Blogger-land...
  • Illness.
  • Being a baby's godmother.
  • Attending a fabulous wedding.
  • Ahhhh, all of the above!
Okay, the good things were going to the faboo wedding, see picture below...

And, becoming godmother for the third time... see picture below...

Icky things include my never-ending cold from hell!  Aaaaaand, some other odds and ends, but I'm plugging along... taking it a day moment at a time, and hoping for the best!

Anyways, sight word review is always a challenge.  How can I give my kiddos something fun, quick, and to the point when reviewing sight words?  We learn one word a week in our reading series, so we've learned the words "a" and "the."  To review, I threw together this little ole game to play at their tables...

I sloppily, haphazardly, fabulously stuck some labels on my wooden cubes and plan on having my little darlings play this tomorrow. 

I hope they like it, and I hope it helps them see those tricky sight words one more time and read, read, read!

Did I mention... T.G.F.Y?  That stands for Thank God For Yoga!  I am a newly found yogi, and I have passed my appreciation on to my kindergarten students!  Today was Picture Day.  (Ugh!)  It was extremely disorganized and we were shoved into the stage area of our gym.  I had rowdy little ones finished with pictures (I still needed to get mine taken!  Yikes!) and I had the whole rest of my class.  All it took was a little "Balloon Breathing" and Butterfly pose to get them calmed, focused, and back with me while the rest of my crew and myself had our pictures taken.  I highly recommend yoga to help with transitions and to help create mindful students!  Great resources for yoga in the classroom include...
http://www.childlightyoga.comhttp://www.yoga4classrooms.comhttp://yogainmyschool.com, and http://www.abcyogaforkids.com!

What have you been up to?!  

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