Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A huge thank you!

As most of you know, I love yoga!
As most teachers, I'm stressed and need to find ways to make time for myself.  Yoga helps me do that!  (Yee haw yoga!)

But, have you ever thought about your kiddos?  When do THEY have time for themselves?  When do they have the time to be mindful of how they feel, are given the opportunity to calm down and refocus their energy in positive and meaningful ways?

I've seen yoga do that with my kindergarten children, and I love sharing how good their bodies and minds can feel after even a short yoga practice!

There are oodles of resources out there on the interwebs...
But, I have found lots of information at http://yogainmyschool.com/.  Yoga In My School recently sponsored a giveaway with  Move With Me Action Adventures, and I was one of the lucky recipients of a Move With Me yoga DVD.  (Hooray!  Free things!)

Well, today was the 1st day we tried our new DVD and... it was wonderful!  My kindergartners LOVED it!  The guided practice includes a child friendly story about a little boy and his scooter, as well as all the things (people, animals, plants) they experience along the way.  I definitely want to invest in some of the other DVDs in the series!

Here are some pictures of my kindergarten kiddos using the SMART Board to complete their daily yoga practice before work station time! :)

Riding our scooters!

Here comes the sun!  

Putting our scooters to rest against the tree!

In our speed boats! 

So, thank you Yoga in My School and thank you Move With Me Action Adventures!  We love our new DVD, and I we thank you for expanding our kindergarten yoga practice!  

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