Thursday, October 13, 2011

Just say... om!

Well, I'm trying to say om after hacking and coughing...
And, coughing and hacking...
And, well, finally giving in...
I did it.  I got a sub.

I can NOT kick this bronchitis, so I went to the doc today, had a new antibiotic prescribed and am laying low.  She also gave me some cough medicine, so hopefully I'll be able to make it through a picture book without coughing up a lung next week!  Ha! :)  One of my K kiddos said, "Boy, Mrs. Davis, you sure must be sick!"  Yesiree, I am.

Well, at least it gives me time to catch up on my blogging and blog reading!  A favorite thing happened to me this week.  (Yes, among all the sneezes and wheezes, good things happened!)

I told my K kids we were going to skip yoga so we could get into work stations... and... they... through... a... fit!  This will probably be the only time I'll embrace my kiddos arguing with me! :)  They were appalled that I would even think to skip yoga.  It has become something they expect and love!  HOORAY!  This makes my heart full to know they love it and it brings them some inner peace during their hectic days!

Also, have I mentioned I've had parents tell me that they've loved seeing their children come home and show them their yoga poses?  We're doing letter Aa this week, so we've added Airplane and Alligator pose to our repertoire.  Here are a few blurry-ish pics taken with my BlackBerry during yoga this week...
Being a Rocking Horse!  You have to use those tummy muscles to get back up!

My Snakes!  Lying in the grass with the warm sun shining down on them.  (We do a lot of visualization during our yoga time!)

"Do Nothing" Pose aka (for adults) Corpse Pose aka "lying like a rag doll."  They ASK for this pose all the time!   Especially after recess!  

I'm so proud of my kids.  They love trying new poses, and I love that they enjoy practicing yoga with me!
What are you doing that makes your heart happy in your classroom?!  :)

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