Saturday, November 26, 2011

I will survive... with holiday freebies!

So, did you survive?  Did you survive the turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce gel, sweet taters, etc, etc?  Did you survive the Black Friday shopping?

My sister-in-law, Mrs. Wheeler, from Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade Tidbits, her mama (my mom-in-law), and myself hit the stores at 7:30ish in the AM and went strong until 6 PM!  That's a lot of shopping!  We found some great deals... thanks, Target for the Dollar Spot pencils for my kiddos!  And, we found some not-so-great deals... seriously, you don't have EVERYTHING an additional 50% until noon like every other store, Limited?  No thanks.  I finished some presents, got some started, and am looking forward to a happy holiday season.  How'd you make out with gift getting?! :)

Now, I'm sitting here listening to my Christmas list on Spotify right  and am perusing holiday blog posts, Internet shopping, and pondering putting up the Christmas tree.  The hubs would be extremely surprised to come home from his band's gig and see our shiny, twinkly, silver wonder lit up in the front window!  Hmmmm....

Well, there are some wonderful holiday resources popping up left and right, and I wanted to share some modified recording sheets I've made for my kindergarten kiddos.

Heather at The Differentiation Station has a FABULOUS Holiday ABC Order Freebie!  I'm going to use this as a word sort and have my kiddos sort the words by what letter they begin with.  They will then record their answers on the recording sheet I created.   I use the front of my chart paper pads for ABC sorting mats, and they can just lay the words on the letter they begin with.

Pick up my recording sheet here...
Holiday Word Sort - Recording Sheet!

Speaking of recording sheets... has anyone seen Making Learning Fun's Christmas Tree Sight Word Puzzles?

I heart them more than anything and made a recording sheet to go with those as well.  If you have more words you've studied you can make the copies double sided to record more words.

You can pick up that recording sheet... here...
Christmas Tree Sight Word Puzzle - Recording Sheet!

Alrighty, there are some holiday freebies to get you thinking about your upcoming work stations.  I'm going to go keep listening to Christmas music and peruse the blogs!  Hope you're having a fabulous holiday weekend.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tis the season for... Giveaways! :)

Holly at Crisscross Applesauce In First Grade is having her first ever giveaway!  Woo hoo!  Who doesn't love a giveaway?!

Head over to the above link to enter by following her blog, adding her to your blog roll, and bloggity blogging about her fabulous giveaway!

Congrats on surpassing the 100 follower mark, Holly!  You're awesome! :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm Thankful - Linky Party

The fabulous ladies over at...
are having their FIRST ever linky party.  And, seriously, what could be a better way to start linking up then with sharing what we're thankful for!  Thumbs up, ladies! :)

1.  What are you thankful for in your classroom?
I am thankful for the LOVE and CARING my kiddos have for one another.  I shared with my children why I was thankful for them yesterday, and we talked about how hearing all those nice things made their hearts happy.  You should have seen all the smiles, hugs, and love flowing in this classroom!  It was amazing!  They then were able to share the love by writing and sharing what they were thankful for.  I was so happy to see my kids sharing people who make their heart happy, as opposed to the typical PS3 or Wii! :)  (Though, I did have one kiddo write they were thankful for "whatever."  Ha ha ha ha!)

2. What person are you most thankful for?
This is easy.  My husband, Mr. Davis! :)  He is supportive, amazing, down to earth, hilarious, adorable, comforting, etc, etc... I could go on and on.  When I get insane with work and whatnot, he keeps me sane.  I love him! :) 

3. What 3 blogs are you most thankful for?

It was the first blog I ever started exploring, and I love the resources I found.  
To this day, it's still the 1st blog I go to when reading my feed!  You ladies do a great job!  I'd be lost without you as my go-to for ideas and resources. 

A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Hilarious!  Feels like she could be my BFF!  Says all the things I'm thinking!  Kristin cracks me up with her stories and her fabulous ideas/resources.  Without her humorous perspective, I think there might be days I wouldn't have made it through with my K kiddos!  Thanks, Kristin for keeping me laughing and learning!

Wait!  You mean people share their resources on the internet?  They don't just hold on to their fabulous ideas for their own using?  Mrs. Wills was the first person I saw sharing, sharing, sharing when I started reading teacher blogs, and I adore her work station and center materials.  Thanks for getting my brain moving and finding fun and interesting ways to extend thinking during centers in my classroom! 

4. What guilty pleasure are you most thankful for?
Naps, naps, and more naps!  I love to nap whenever I can.  My husband thinks I'm ridiculous, but allows me to snuggle up in the bed whenever I am drowsy.  Can I get a woot for naps?! :)   

5. What are you most thankful for?
My friends and family... without them, I wouldn't have the support to try the things I do, achieve the things I have, and be the person I am!  I love each and every one of them!  

Are you feeling the love like my K kiddos did?  I am!  
(I am also feeling the LOVE of having t-minus 4 hours left until Thanksgiving Break begins!  Not gonna lie... ready for a break!)  

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I'll see you on the flip side with some recording sheets for Christmas work stations!  Woo hoo!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday...

I've been sort of M.I.A this week... thanks to Parent/Teacher Conferences!  I have to say, in my 9 years of teaching, these have some of the most wonderful conferences I've had.  Now, I'm not saying all of them have been easy, but I'm thankful to have so many fabulous families to work with this school year!

On another note, I'm thankful for my kind and caring kindergarten kiddos!  (Though, they really are ready for a break and are starting to pick at one another!)  They made these AWESOME Veteran's Day cards on Monday and we're sending them off to one of my little guy's uncles and his Army pals at their base in Alaska.  How awesome is that?  Check out some of their sweet messages and pictures...


I am also thankful for yoga and how well my kindergarten kiddos have done working independently in yoga work station.  It is beyond what I expected!  It doesn't matter if it's boys or girls.  Athletes or not.  Flexible or not flexible.  And... on and on... They love it!  And, I love that they love it!  They are so engaged.  They are enthralled.  They are enraptured.  And, I am envious that they get to work over there for 1/2 an hour while I work with reading groups.

Check out two of my gentleman yogis working today!

Practicing Tree pose!

This tree looks like it may fall over! :) 

Recording a pose they practice.  They take these pages home and share it with a family member. 

Playing Yoga Memory!  They love finding matches and then completing the yoga pose. 

I have to add.... watching PILGRIMS do yoga is extremely funny for all teachers involved!  Ha ha ha ha!  Hey, a pilgrim has to do what a pilgrim has to do! :) 

On to more things I'm thankful for:
  • My heater FINALLY works in my classroom.  It was FREEZING last night at conferences.
  • Tomorrow is Friday.  Three 12 hour days begins to wear on you...
  • It is almost Thanksgiving break.  My kiddos are done, and so am I!  Funny enough, we made a deal today... I would change my lesson plans (more artsy fartsy, (yet still educational) activities... read...  taking a break from the norm... and they would change and start getting along better.  It's a deal.  we should should have shaken on it.  But, I know they can survive the last 3 days with me!  
  • My husband is incredibly understanding, thoughtful, tolerant, annoyed by this week, and I'm looking forward to spending some time with him this weekend.  Read... I am not doing ANYTHING except laying around the house and being a lummox... with him in tow! :)
All in all, I've been whiny, pouty, tired, caffeine crazed and whatnot this week, but I have so many things to be thankful for... that it all put things into perspective.

What are you thankful for?! 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Hooray for Work Stations!

There was excitement brewing in my classroom today! Drum roll, please...

Yoga Work Station has officially opened in our classroom, and the kindergarten kiddos are excited. (And, did I mention, I am too!)

We introduced it last Friday, when some of our work stations changed, but we reviewed and extended it today. In yoga work stations, we can...
1. Practice our poses.
2. Color a yoga pose.
3. Play a yoga game.
4. Read a yoga book. (I need to add this to our "I can..." chart!"

Take a look at yoga work station (right next to writing work station)!
The basket has the yoga books.  The red tray has the coloring pages.  The orange cards are for yoga memory.  Yoga mats, are well, for yoga!  The yellow basket holds our poses to practice and the Clorox wipes are to clean mats when we're finished.  It's a work in progress, so do you have any ideas of what I can do to improve it?  

Here are some shot of my first pair working in yoga work station today.  E & R were troopers and were excited to work and play!  

R & E look at one of our yoga cards to complete Tree Blowing in the Wind pose.

R completes a yoga coloring page!

E plays yoga memory and completes a pose when she makes a match!

So much fun and so good for mind, body, and soul!  What are you doing this week that has you excited?!  Hope everyone is having a good Monday!

Grab a yoga freebie here... Yoga Work Station - Recording Sheet!  Your kiddos can draw a picture and write what yoga pose they practiced!  Woo hoo!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Election Day - FREEBIE!

It's snack time in my K room, and they're already talking about voting in tomorrow's official snack election!  Ha ha ha ha!  There are a million predictions going on... "Pretzels will win!  Marshmallows will win!"  The excitement and anticipation is growing after reading...

... which they found wildly funny!  I do love that book! :)

Pick up my FREE SMART Board lesson about election day, geared for our K kiddos, but appropriate for Pre-K, 1st, and possibly 2nd.  

You can grab it here.... Election Day - SMART Board Activity 2011!

Let me know what you think!  What else could I add? Subtract?  Multiply? :)  I can't ever find any Election Day resources, and I'm doing the best to put together developmentally appropriate, kid-friendly resources. 

Happy Monday! 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Super Sunday!

*sigh*  How nice is it to have a long and lazy and leisurely Sunday?  I'm smiling from ear to ear as I sit in my favorite chair and my hubby lounges on the couch.  Did I mention I am watching SNL too?  (Not that funny if you haven't watched it yet, but tolerable...) I have been dreaming of "Fall Back" day all week, and I'm so glad it's here!

Along with my lounging, I've been blog stalking and Pinning away! :)  (Seriously, I've been Internet deprived all week, and it will only get worse with report cards & parent/teacher conferences!)  A Teeny Tiny Teacher posted her "Currently November" from Oh' Boy 4th Grade's Linky Party and I decided to join in!

Can you tell I have a one track mind right now? 
 Report Cards and Conferences.... Report Cards and Conferences... 

Here are the links to my current blog stalks right now... I love their resources, the way they write, and what wonderful inspirations they are! :)

A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Sooooo, yeah.  That's where I am right now... relaxing, trying to get organized, and contemplating the challenges of report cards and conferences.  How are you spending your extra hour today?  Work?  Pleasure?  A bit of both?  Regardless, I hope you're having a super Sunday!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Freebie - Math Facts

Oh Common Core, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways....
Well, at least the different ways you can make 2 and 3!

We have math journals where we do in depth number sense studies, and my kinder kiddos have finally finished exploring 2 and 3.  I was so happy when they worked in pairs, flipping cards, showing different ways to make number combinations.  Woo hoo!  Now... on to the math facts!

Since we're good with the process of making 2 and 3, we're moving on to mastering those math facts.  Pick up my Addition Fact Freebie and copy those suckers on some tag board, send them home, and rock and roll!  Before you know it, your kinders will be spouting off 2+0 = 2 and 1+1 = 2 before you know it!

My cards are going home for homework next week.  I can't wait to see how fast they get from practicing at home.  Such smart cookies, my kiddos are... <3 'em!

On a side note, one thing I DO NOT love... Fifth Disease.  Thanks kids, for that.

I hope you have a happy and itch free weekend! :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wednesday Work Stations!

What's a-happenin' in Kindergarten this Wednesday?  WOO HOO!  New work stations!  Okay well... not all of them are totally new, but I introduced some new work stations today... many with resources from my fellow blogger friends!

Check it out...
1.  Games:  Roll Sammy the Scarecrow (FREE) from the fabulous Little Miss Kindergarten!
2.  Working With Words: Roll a Sight Word (FREE) from the wonderful Mrs. Parker!
3.  ABC:  I Spy Letters from Mrs. Freshwater's class! (FREE)
4.  Overhead:  Overhead Word Recording (FREE) from the stupendous Mrs. Wills!
5.  Writing:  Write around the room with -an and -ad words (FREE) from me!
(I use -an and -ad word cards from Cherry Carl's Word Way.  My kiddos walk around and write the words down that go with the proper word family.)

Here's a pic of one of my kiddos reading me his words he found!

Hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday! :)