Monday, November 7, 2011

Election Day - FREEBIE!

It's snack time in my K room, and they're already talking about voting in tomorrow's official snack election!  Ha ha ha ha!  There are a million predictions going on... "Pretzels will win!  Marshmallows will win!"  The excitement and anticipation is growing after reading...

... which they found wildly funny!  I do love that book! :)

Pick up my FREE SMART Board lesson about election day, geared for our K kiddos, but appropriate for Pre-K, 1st, and possibly 2nd.  

You can grab it here.... Election Day - SMART Board Activity 2011!

Let me know what you think!  What else could I add? Subtract?  Multiply? :)  I can't ever find any Election Day resources, and I'm doing the best to put together developmentally appropriate, kid-friendly resources. 

Happy Monday! 

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