Saturday, November 26, 2011

I will survive... with holiday freebies!

So, did you survive?  Did you survive the turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce gel, sweet taters, etc, etc?  Did you survive the Black Friday shopping?

My sister-in-law, Mrs. Wheeler, from Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade Tidbits, her mama (my mom-in-law), and myself hit the stores at 7:30ish in the AM and went strong until 6 PM!  That's a lot of shopping!  We found some great deals... thanks, Target for the Dollar Spot pencils for my kiddos!  And, we found some not-so-great deals... seriously, you don't have EVERYTHING an additional 50% until noon like every other store, Limited?  No thanks.  I finished some presents, got some started, and am looking forward to a happy holiday season.  How'd you make out with gift getting?! :)

Now, I'm sitting here listening to my Christmas list on Spotify right  and am perusing holiday blog posts, Internet shopping, and pondering putting up the Christmas tree.  The hubs would be extremely surprised to come home from his band's gig and see our shiny, twinkly, silver wonder lit up in the front window!  Hmmmm....

Well, there are some wonderful holiday resources popping up left and right, and I wanted to share some modified recording sheets I've made for my kindergarten kiddos.

Heather at The Differentiation Station has a FABULOUS Holiday ABC Order Freebie!  I'm going to use this as a word sort and have my kiddos sort the words by what letter they begin with.  They will then record their answers on the recording sheet I created.   I use the front of my chart paper pads for ABC sorting mats, and they can just lay the words on the letter they begin with.

Pick up my recording sheet here...
Holiday Word Sort - Recording Sheet!

Speaking of recording sheets... has anyone seen Making Learning Fun's Christmas Tree Sight Word Puzzles?

I heart them more than anything and made a recording sheet to go with those as well.  If you have more words you've studied you can make the copies double sided to record more words.

You can pick up that recording sheet... here...
Christmas Tree Sight Word Puzzle - Recording Sheet!

Alrighty, there are some holiday freebies to get you thinking about your upcoming work stations.  I'm going to go keep listening to Christmas music and peruse the blogs!  Hope you're having a fabulous holiday weekend.

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