Sunday, November 6, 2011

Super Sunday!

*sigh*  How nice is it to have a long and lazy and leisurely Sunday?  I'm smiling from ear to ear as I sit in my favorite chair and my hubby lounges on the couch.  Did I mention I am watching SNL too?  (Not that funny if you haven't watched it yet, but tolerable...) I have been dreaming of "Fall Back" day all week, and I'm so glad it's here!

Along with my lounging, I've been blog stalking and Pinning away! :)  (Seriously, I've been Internet deprived all week, and it will only get worse with report cards & parent/teacher conferences!)  A Teeny Tiny Teacher posted her "Currently November" from Oh' Boy 4th Grade's Linky Party and I decided to join in!

Can you tell I have a one track mind right now? 
 Report Cards and Conferences.... Report Cards and Conferences... 

Here are the links to my current blog stalks right now... I love their resources, the way they write, and what wonderful inspirations they are! :)

A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Sooooo, yeah.  That's where I am right now... relaxing, trying to get organized, and contemplating the challenges of report cards and conferences.  How are you spending your extra hour today?  Work?  Pleasure?  A bit of both?  Regardless, I hope you're having a super Sunday!

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  1. you are too 2 too cute!!! thanks so much for joining my party and don't you just LOVE teeny tiny ....she is my BFF (blog friend forEVER)
    thanks again for linking up!!!