Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wednesday Work Stations!

What's a-happenin' in Kindergarten this Wednesday?  WOO HOO!  New work stations!  Okay well... not all of them are totally new, but I introduced some new work stations today... many with resources from my fellow blogger friends!

Check it out...
1.  Games:  Roll Sammy the Scarecrow (FREE) from the fabulous Little Miss Kindergarten!
2.  Working With Words: Roll a Sight Word (FREE) from the wonderful Mrs. Parker!
3.  ABC:  I Spy Letters from Mrs. Freshwater's class! (FREE)
4.  Overhead:  Overhead Word Recording (FREE) from the stupendous Mrs. Wills!
5.  Writing:  Write around the room with -an and -ad words (FREE) from me!
(I use -an and -ad word cards from Cherry Carl's Word Way.  My kiddos walk around and write the words down that go with the proper word family.)

Here's a pic of one of my kiddos reading me his words he found!

Hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday! :)

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