Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chillin' out, maxin'...

Whew!  How did Christmas fly by so quickly?  I spent Christmas Eve Eve shopping and wrapping.  (It was a marathon!)  I spent Christmas Eve with my mama, and we had traditional veggie soup, snackies, and dessert.  (We couldn't wait to open gifts either... thanks for my NOOK Tablet, mama!!!!)  On Christmas Day, we had breakfast with my mom and then traversed to see my pops, his wife, and my sister and her family.  (I love my nieces and nephew!  We had so much fun playing together!)

Here's a pic from some of the festivities...
Me & my nephew!  Can you tell we were excited about Christmas? 

We had a great time celebrating the holidays, but the hubby and I are glad to be back home and relaxing!  Whew!

My kinder kiddos were so generous with their kind words and gifts for me before we left for break last week!    I've finally had enough time (a week!) to be able to wrap my head about going back to school next Tuesday.  I'm planning on going out to work in my room on Friday and get my stuff together!  Wintry work stations... gingerbread fun... Martin Luther King Jr... New Year's Resolutions... oh my!

How are you spending your break?  With family?  Friends?  Relaxing?  Working?  I hope all of you are having a happy holiday!  

Time to go blog stalk after being out of town and watch afternoon TV that I'm not normally home to watch!  WOO HOO!  

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