Thursday, December 1, 2011


No, I'm not talking about my little ones.  (Though, they have been slightly wound up!)
No, I'm not talking about my colleagues.  (We're a tight knit group of 9 kindergarten teachers.)
No, I'm not talking about the fact that I left my purse at work.  (Wait, I did that.  Yesterday.  Oops.)
No, I'm not talking about the hubby.  (How could I?  He made dinner tonight & put my clothes in the dryer!)

It's DRAMA because I love dramatic play! Do you?  Do you? 

I just set-up my first dramatic play work station of the year.  (In years past, it has been a staple of the classroom, but due to size and other fun stuff, it comes and goes.)  Regardless, it's up and the kids are looking in awe at all the odds and ends that are out...

What's that?  What do you do in SANTA's WORKSHOP? 
(This has been a question in my room ALL DAY! and yes, my school is okay with Santa, elves, trees, etc...)

Build toys. Wrap presents.  Make cards.  Make lists of presents to give.  Make lists of presents you would like.  Label features of the workshop.  Play Santa.  Have fun! 

I will be unleashing my little ones in dramatic play next week, but not before going over the rules of the work station.  "No, you may not go give the principal that hastily wrapped Clifford stuffed animal."   "No, you may not wrap your work station buddy!" 

Work bench area to build and wrap toys!

A variety of holiday inspired greeting cards, wrapping paper, ribbon, etc.

Don't think I won't use my "Santa Phone" and let him know how you're behaving! 
 (PS:  My kids were SILENT in the hallway today b/c of Santa phone!  By far, the best $3.00 I've spent to spray paint an old phone!)

The holidays are a special time in my classroom, and I love using dramatic play as an outlet for all that energy, excitement, and anticipation! :) 

Do you dramatic play too?

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  1. I spy with my little eye...Marget's old retro tree skirt??

    Hooray and congrats on 50+!!

  2. I am so jealous - you make me want to be a kid in your class and/or teach kinder!!!!!! How fun! LOVE the Santa phone, too!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  3. I love your dramatic play area! We made a cozy little fireplace and brought in an armchair and we have a small (Charlie Brown looking) tree for the kiddos to decorate too. Love the Work Bench and will hopefully be able to add that one next year!

  4. Miss Jessica, I love that you made a cozy fireplace! I think I may do that for January and February in my reading corner! Love it! :)