Monday, December 19, 2011


So, as stated yesterday in my "Currently" post, I needed to work on my fam-damily crafts for my kinder kiddos. We have not made an ounce of gifts for them to give, so it is of utmost importance to get on it today.

I was inspired by Mrs Wills' awesome crafty post, and was set to make adorable reindeer ornaments for my children to give to their families.  Did I mention I don't read directions well?  Or at all?  Or even think of the repercussions of tempera paint on ornaments?  ARGH!  This is what happens when you don't use ACRYLIC...

Thus, I had to stick with the old standby... the Santa Hand-print ornament.  I found the poem at  I slapped that sucker on the back, had my kiddos sign it, and then I slapped their sticker pictures on it too!

I grabbed... 
and this was the result....

We will be adding faces, lamination, and ribbon tomorrow!  Whew!  Crisis averted!  

But seriously, I was in full panic mode!  My kids were working on their reindeer gift bags...
but, I had no gifts to put in them!  Yikes!  Hand prints saved the day, and our volunteer Kay is saving my rear by cutting out my laminated ornaments and ribboning them up tomorrow.  HOORAY!

Question of the evening:  How long will it take for my kindergartners to find their gifts under the tree tomorrow?  Take your best guess!  
The winner receives a virtual hug from me!  And the accolades of being right! :) 

I'm off to go clean up from the madness of the day!  Tomorrow is crock-pot hot cocoa cooking with my kids.  Wish me luck!  I've never made it before! :) 


  1. At least your handprints turned out super cute! Good luck with your hot chocolate!

    Kindergarten Is A hoot

  2. half a second is my guess. I hate that panic feeling!!!! Looks like your rear was totally saved. whew!
    Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits

  3. @Annie, we are lucky... our district is pretty lenient! :) I have a whole corner in my room that is "Santa's Workshop."

    @Sara, thanks! A friend made it today and explained some needed modifications! I hope it's yummy! I'll let everyone know how it is!

    @Reagan, I think you may win the prize! :)

  4. love the craftivties!!!!
    Enjoy the break!

    Happy Holidays!

    ❤ Mor Zrihen ❤
    A Teacher's Treasure

  5. Your Santa handprints turned out adorable, so take a deep breath!! I love the reindeer bags, too. Just think you will have red bulbs already for next year if you were done today!! Too cute!