Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Work Station Wednesday!

Woo doggie!  My new holiday work stations are in full effect!  And, they are wonderful!  My kiddos are engaged and silently, okay somewhat quietly, working.  I'm happy they're so engaged and enthused about what we're working on!  Here's what we're doing...
  • ABC:  Uppercase/Lowercase puzzles from FlapJack Educational resources!  The puzzle templates are blank, and you can suit them for your students' needs.  Here's a pic of my kiddos working with them! 

I made a recording sheet for my lovelies to write down their letter pairs when they made a match! :)

  • Writing:  Hot dog!  Did you see Can Do Kinders' Write the Room?  It's adorable!  If you click the above link, it will take you right to the awesomeness!  Can you say math and literacy connections?  

  • Games:  Spin a Letter/Make a Tree

Using Making Learning Fun's Christmas Tree Lowercase Letter Assessment, my kiddos spin and stamp the ornaments on their Christmas tree! 

  • Working with Words: Christmas trees... sight words... and puzzles, oh my!  My kiddos are putting sight word puzzles together from Making Learning Fun!  Then, they are recording their responses on this lovely sheet... Christmas Tree_Sight Words!

  • Math:  Did you see Mrs. Wills' adorable gingerbread patterns?  Not only is it wonderful, it's free as well!  (Thanks DeeDee!)  You can pick it up here midst her work station review... Mrs. Wills Gingerbread Patterns!

  • Dramatic Play:  What's up, Santa's Workshop?! 

  • Yoga:  Could I get through a post without mentioning my favorite?!  Check out my cobras!

I'm sure I forgot something... but seriously, what can I remember as I chuckle through my Hulu Plus queue?  (My husband and I are beginning to have a serious Late Night with Jimmy Fallon addiction!)   I also love that show on Fox with Zooey Deschanel... New Girl!  Does anyone else think it is as hilarious as I do? 

Okay, make sure to enter my Fabulous Fifty Giveaway with resources from Busy Bees and Mrs. Huff's Kinderblog!  Plus, I have children's books!  Woot!  You have until Saturday evening at 11:59 PM on the dot!   Do it!  Do it!  Do it!  Win free things! :)  Hooray!

On to last night's episode of Jimmy Fallon.... 

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