Monday, January 30, 2012

Triple tags!

I was so excited to see I was triple tagged this morning when I began to blog stalk! :)
and Allyce at Teaching & Life at the Beach tagged me, and I guess I'm "it."

So here are the rules:

1. You must post the rules.  (Done and done!)
2. Post 12 fun facts about yourself on the blog post.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create 12 new questions for the people you tagged.
4. Tag 12 people and link them on your post.
5. Let them know you've tagged them!

12 Fun Facts about little old me

  • Foo Fighters is my most favorite rock band!
  • I could live in leggings and tunics... so comfy!
  • I MUST have coffee to start my day.  It doesn't matter if my day starts at 6:15 AM or 11:30 AM or 2 PM, I must have coffee to get a-going! 
  • I can nap at the drop of a hat.  Some people call naps a waste of time, I call them Heaven on earth! :) 
  • My husband and I have recently named our pillows on our bed.  Ha ha ha ha!  There's Waffles, Scratchy, Big Brown, Foamy, and Softie.  We are so weird! :)
  • My favorite food is pizza, and I am having some after yoga class tonight.  YUM!
  • I wanted to be a chef/baker/cook before I ever even considered being a teacher.  
  • I have to read before I go to sleep at night.  If I don't at least flip through a few pages of a magazine, I'll just lie awake for hours.
  • I have an unhealthy obsession with black cardigan sweaters.  (Yes, I'm wearing one now.)
  • I wish I lived near a beach.  I am definitely land locked.
  • My favorite clothing store is officially Ann Taylor.  
  • My beat up, junker of a car is only worth like $400!  Ha ha ha ha!  But, I don't have car payment!
My 12 questions:
1. How many grades have you taught? One, Kindergarten since day one!
2. How many years have you taught? This is my 9th year teaching!
3. What's your favorite hobby? Is napping a hobby?  Ha!  I would say my favorite hobby is cooking or reading.
4. What's your favorite restaurant?  We have a little hole in the wall restaurant Thai place here.  Best.  Food Ever.
5. What's your favorite television show?  30 Rock
6. What is your favorite movie?  Of all time?  Back to the Future!
7. What is your favorite app?  Hmmm, probably my Yelp app. on my Blackberry.  So easy to find good places to hit up when traveling.
8. What is your favorite subject to teach?  I love teaching social studies!  Talking about history and important events in our country is fabulous!
9. Do you like roller coasters?  Love them!
10. Do you have any tattoos or piercings?  One tattoo, ears pierced.
11. What's your favorite season?  Fall
12. How many siblings do you have?  1 older sister... I am the baby! :) 

My 12 Questions Pour Vous...
1.  Do you like waffles?
2.  What is your favorite children's book?
3.  What is your number one vice?
4.  Where is your favorite place to relax?
5.  Do you paint your own nails or get them manicured?
6.  Caffeine or no caffeine?
7.  Favorite breakfast cereal?
8.  For headaches... aspirin?  Tylenol?  Ibuprofen?
9.  Favorite vacation?
10.  Least favorite celebrity and why?
11.  Do you chew gum or prefer mints?
12.  Do you buy Girl Scout Cookies or not?

Tag, you're it...

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Thanks for the love, ladies, and I hope the ones I pass the tag on enjoy it too!  :)

Off to go watch Mike & Molly reruns and read books, read magazines, play Words with Friends, play Angry Birds on my NOOK!  Hope you're having a good start to the week! :)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

A hodgepodge of happenings...

Weather, math, yoga... OH MY!

So, my hubs is helping a friend move today, and I'm stuck at home by myself... *sigh*
Now, before you get all, poor Kim, on me... I have to admit something... I LOVE "me time!"  I love my hubs, but there is just something about having the house to yourself for a period of time...

So far, I've cleaned the house, made the house smell yum-o with candles, drank coffee, am listening to songs on Spotify, and then I looked out the window and saw this...
Whoa!  When did that happen?  When I woke up this morning, it was sunny.  Now it is snowing.  That is what it's like being lost in middle America! :) It's supposed to be in the 50's later this week, and then it's going to get cold again.  So bizarre!  Are you having weird weather this winter too?

We've had a busy week in kindergarten!  We're taking a break from numbers and are working on 3D shapes.  My kids are loving it!  We have a great math coach who is helping us, and she joined my class when we made our cubes this week.  The day before, we discussed the typical attributes... sides (faces), corners (vertices), and edges... then, the next day, I gave them the tools, and they created their own cubes.  It was AMAZING to watch the thought process as they tried to make their cubes, and I was so impressed at how they figured it out and helped each other.  Here are some pics...
The student who finished her cube first!  So proud!

Learning new terminology with our math coach!  How many faces does a cube have?  Lets count!

Cubes!  The kiddos took them home after they set out overnight.

We're going to finish up spheres tomorrow and then move on to cones and rectangular prisms.  

I know I've been saying I'm going to talk about our yoga practice in our classroom forever...
I've had friends ask about resources, how it all started, how I manage it, etc...

So, here goes!

How did I get started?

Last school year, I was looking for a way to incorporate more movement into my classroom, and I found this book...
 in my Scholastic book order.  We do letter of the week at my school, so I figured it would be an easy way to tie yoga in with our literacy lessons... and hopefully help some of my struggling students make a further connection to letters and sounds.

Well, little did I know it would become a hit!  My kiddos LOVED learning new poses, practicing poses together as a class, and were excited to do yoga after recess.  If I didn't suggest doing it or forgot, they would say, "Mrs. Davis, aren't we going to do yoga?"  It became part of our routine.

I started out simple.  We would sit in a circle.  I would read the poem describing the pose, and then we would practice it together.  Yes, I do it too! :)  I've realized leggings and tunics are the perfect kindergarten teaching combo when using yoga in the classroom!  We would practice poses we'd done before, as well as adding on the new pose as well.  No prep really, just me, my book, my kids and a willing spirit to try something new...

So, here's my advice to you to get started... find a GREAT children's yoga book to start out.  One that has simple poses, simple writing, and is kid friendly.  Start small.  Start slow.  Maybe it's practicing Tree Pose while in line at the bathroom.  Maybe it's learning Mountain Pose before you say the Pledge of Allegiance.  Maybe it's learning about "Do Nothing Pose" when the kids need to take a time-out and relax.  See how your kiddos respond, and then go from there!  Along with the above book, here are some others I recommend...

I was surprised how positively my children responded to yoga last school year, and I knew I had to extend what I was doing for this school year.  Over the next few days, I'll discuss how I accumulated the materials I have (Donors Choose), other resources I use now (CD's and DVD's), and then I will explain how we began practice during work stations.

I am, by no means, an expert on yoga in the classroom, but I hope what information I do have can help you engage your students in meaningful movement throughout your days at school!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday... whether sleeting, snowing, or sunny!  :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What's NOT Wrong Wednesday!

I want to preface this post with a disclaimer... you are more than welcome, at any time, to link up and post what's not wrong!  :)

Wednesday is the day that I'm going to post the linky party, but maybe you need to focus on the positive on Friday.  Maybe you need to find some good vibes on Sunday.  Maybe to you need to feel the love on Tuesday. I don't care what day you link up... I just care that you take some time to reflect and find the joy in your life!

So, link up when the spirit moves you, and take some time to focus on what's NOT wrong in your world!

Here's how it works... copy and paste this cutey little icon...

Think of five, count 'em, five things that are NOT wrong in your life.  List them.  Share them.  Link up below! Lets share the love! :)

  1. Cheez-Its are NOT wrong!  It is almost time for me to eat lunch, but I needed something to tide me over.  Whew!  Thank goodness I have some extra Cheez-Its from snack to help my belly until the bell rings.
  2. Compliments are NOT wrong!  One of our regular subs just told me my class was "so sweet" and she "enjoyed being in my room" when I was sick before Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend.  I'm glad she loves my darlings so much because she'll be subbing for me in February when I go to the kindergarten conference! :)
  3. Puzzles are NOT wrong!  I didn't have any work for my kiddos to do after lunch, so we're working on puzzles.  Love it!  They are quiet, engaged, problem solving, and working together.  Score!
  4. Skipping yoga is NOT wrong!  I know, this sounds counterproductive, doesn't it?  I've been running around like a maniac the past few days, and I just want to go home and relax after work.  Plus, I need to spend some time with the hubby!  And, I have a delicious crock pot of beef stroganoff waiting for me!
  5. My class is NOT wrong!  As I watch them, I realize what special little people they are becoming!  They're friends.  They help one another.  They care how each other feels.  They work well together.  We are a family in my classroom, and sometimes it takes taking a step back to realize how good I have it!  I love my kindergartners! 
So, what's NOT wrong with you today?  I hope you can find some joy in what you're doing and who you're working with today!  Have a GREAT Wednesday! 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Are they asleep? *freebie*

I've said it before.  I DETEST giving out directions for work stations.  My kids just snored, slept, snoozed, stared at me for 20 some minutes, asking if they could get started repeatedly.  I'm sorry little ones, I have a few, a couple, some, a million directions for you, and I want to make sure you know what we're doing for the next 11 days in work stations.

My little ones have been so excited to read their phonics readers lately, that I knew I had to give them a new activity in Reading Work Station!  They had to self-select one book and read it to a reading buddy (stuffed animal).  After reading, the students wrote the title and then listed the words in the book that are on our word wall.  Then, it's their job to figure out which words were tricky (yikes!) and which words were easy peasy, one, two, threesy! (hooray!)  Then they get illustrate a favorite part from the book.

I love response sheets!  It holds my students accountable, but they still can self-select and work at their own pace.

If you'd like a copy of my Reading Work Station Response sheet... grab... it... here ----> Reading_WorkStation_Response!

Also, here's a question... out of all my kindergarten students and the preschool class who worked with us yesterday, who do you think was the one child that "sampled" our snowman paint?  You know, of the Pinterest variety, with shaving cream and glue?  Please, make your predictions now...

Winners will receive my undying love and gratitude! And, the excitement of knowing they were right!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kindergarten Catch Up!

Last week was "Review Week" in our reading series.  You're probably thinking, "Kim, you are so lucky to have time to review!  I bet you are able to do tons of fun review activities and have a blast with your kindergarten kiddos!"  Unfortunately, review week equals ASSESSMENT week...
(Can't you just hear the Price is Right horn that play when someone loses????)

Thus, I have to be crafty!  I want to give my children time to review the skills we've learned, but also have enough time to test, test, test.  Here's one thing I did this week to practice letter writing and sight word identification last week...

Do you LOVE shaving cream or what?  We practiced letters and words to get us a ready for our assessments!

Hmmmm, what else could we do to practice, say... reading fluency?  I'm a HUGE proponent of practice, practice, practice, and I often have to find novel ways to get them to keep a-reading.  We always read our books THREE times together... they love to think of different voices we can use to read.  

Then, I have my kiddos read three times to a Reading Buddy aka a stuffed animal. 
Check out how engaged my children are reading with Clifford!  Woot!

After that, they have to find a friend to buddy read with... they LOVE finding creative places to read... ex. under my desk or the reading table! I don't care where they read, as long as they're reading to each other!

It's the little things.  It's the simple things.  Both activities had NO prep, and my children were engaged, reviewing skills, and getting their brains ready for the dreaded assessments! :) 

Also, did you not L-O-V-E discussing Martin Luther King Jr. Day with your little ones this week?  It is so wonderful to discuss fairness, kindness, love, etc. with them.  They have such a unique perspective, and I was  amazed by my children's responses to Brain Pop Jr.'s video about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  

We completed 

Mrs. Miner's Kindergarten Monkey Business 
directed drawing activity!  It was awesome!  My babes loved it, and their parents were "impressed" said one of my little girls.  And, one of my lil guys said their mom didn't believe they did it on their own.  He had to convince her!  :)  Check out how great they did with follow directions and taking their time...

As you can see, it was a busy and fun week in my classroom!  I have about 6 or 7 kiddos to finish assessing tomorrow... blended words and sentence reading... and then I have to organize and record all my data.  I know my little ones are making progress, and as much as I complain about assessments, it's nice to have those numbers to show families!  

I hope you have had a WONDERFUL weekend! :)  I have been in my PJ's all weekend, and I feel rested and ready for a new week.  With all the wild weather we're having hopefully there won't be a delay or anything tomorrow... read: 4 inches of snow Friday night, chance of thunderstorms tonight with high wind and fog!  SO WEIRD!  

Happy Sunday, folks!  Enjoy the rest of your afternoon/evening... depending what time zone you're in! :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What's NOT Wrong Wednesday!

I was driving home from yoga, and what like... WHOA!  I forgot to post my new weekly snippet of positiveness.  If your recall, I found this wonderful post on Pinterest and was inspired!

Here's how it works... think of five, count 'em, five things that are NOT wrong in your life.  Post them, along with this cutie picture above (right clicker and save), and link up below!  Lets see if we can create a wave of happy-go-lucky feelings in Bloggerville!

Here's my 5...

  1. My hubby's bed is NOT wrong!  He woke up with a pinched nerve on Sunday and was in severe pain.  Hmmm, could it be from your worn out, twenty year old bed?  (Yes, we sleep in the same room.  No, we do not sleep like an episode of Dick Van Dyke or some other old timey show.)  We have two twin beds pushed together with a memory foam pad joining the two.  We call it our Sleep Number bed for poor people!  But really, his oldie was killing him, and now he's snoring softly next to me on his new mattress!  
  2. Good television is NOT wrong!  Hooray!  The Middle!  Modern Family!  Happy Endings!  I love comedies to put a smile on my face before I go to bed.
  4. Doing the splits during yoga is NOT wrong!  Okay.  I was a dancer growing up.  Did I mention that was at least 12 years ago, when I was still in college?  We were practicing standing splits and splits during yoga today, and I can still rock a mean split.  Woot! 
    My kindergarten kiddos rockin' their Unit 3 assessments is NOT wrong!  They are far from perfect, but I am so proud of all the progress my students are making, and I can't wait to find new ways to challenge them to help them grow!
    Tomorrow being Thursday is NOT wrong!  Who doesn't love a short week?!  I'm psyched to have no plans for the weekend and am able to chill out, max, and relax! 
So, what's NOT wrong with you this week?  It doesn't have to be serious or deep (though, it absolutely can be), seriously look at what I posted this week.  It just gives you a minute in your day to reflect back on the good things that are working in your life!  

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"Mrs. Davis! You're back!"

That's what I was greeted with today on our first day back after the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday!  Note the excitement!  Note the joy!  Note the fact that I had an unexpected five day weekend with, not fun and frivolity, but the stomach flu...

My poor kiddos didn't know what to do without me, and you would have thought I'd been gone for 8 weeks.  (I don't dare tell them I'm going to a teaching conference at the end of February!)  Apparently one of my little girls just cried and refused to eat lunch either day.  She came in this morning and said, "I was very sad when you were gone."  Geez, little ones, I know it has been since October since I've been out, but seriously?!

And, look what my desk and reading table did while I was gone!  I swear, those new work stations and handouts must be multiplying as we speak!
Can you  find your freebie resource on my reading table?  Thanks for all the neat ideas!

Note the coffee mug and the weather radar on my computer and the assessments that need to be graded and the Oriental Trading catalog that's open and...

Thank goodness for our fabulous kindergarten volunteer who helped me make sense of it all, and thank you to all of you for giving me blogs to stalk and materials to download while I was confined to the bed.  Woot!  Who's ready for some new work stations coming up? :)

Also, did you hear?!  Arianne at
Ketchen's Kindergarten 
is having a giveaway!  Hop on over and follow her AWESOME BLOG!  She has wonderful math and work station resources.  With her giveaway, she is giving away every teacher's favorite thing... (no, not a snow day!)... but a TARGET GIFT CARD for $25.  What would you buy?  Something for yourself?  Something for your classroom... read: Dollar Spot!  Hmmm, I don't even know.  Woo hoo!  Head on over and enter! :)

And, don't think I've forgotten, because I haven't.  I know I owe a few posts discussing how I started working with yoga, how I began incorporating it in my kindergarten classroom, and how I have my students able to work independently on it in work stations.  I promise!  The post is coming, with resources, soon!  :)   

Hope you're having a great start to your week!  I couldn't ask for a better one with the love I felt from my kiddos today! :)  Oh, and start thinking, tomorrow is "What's NOT wrong Wednesday!" so you better be ready to link up and accentuate the positive!  

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What's NOT Wrong Wednesday!

In the hopes of me staying happy, perky,positive, sane, I'm initiating a new Wednesday Linky Party!  Please come join the fun!

While on Pinterest last week, I came across this happy picture...
... and I was inspired!  

Think about it, how much time do you take during your day to think about, talk about, write about, etc... the things that are going wrong?  It could be that person who cut you off while driving to work or the fact that there's no cream for your coffee... but it sets you on a total mental path to yuckiness!     

Now flip that, reverse it, and try and think of things that are NOT wrong... it's hard to get started isn't it?  But, once you do, this warm and fuzzy feeling comes  over you, and you can't help but smile!  

So, in the hopes of turning me (and you?) into a more mindful and positive person, I'm starting What's NOT Wrong Wednesdays on my blog!  It's a chance to link up and share 5 things that are NOT wrong in your life, in the hopes that your brain will hop on the positive train and take a ride.  

Here's what's not wrong for me... 
  1. Stauffer's chocolate animal crackers are NOT wrong!  Seriously these things are delicious and I need to put the bag away so there are some leftover for the kids.  
  2. My new Namaste n' Play CD is NOT wrong!  I'm excited to try another one of the songs with my kids tomorrow.  They loved the "Yoga Slide!"
  3. My new contact lenses are NOT wrong!  I went to the eye doctor yesterday, and woo doggy, I was quite a few clicks off from where I should be.  I'm so happy that everything is much clearer and sharper.
  4. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is NOT wrong!  Not only do I appreciate having a day off on Monday, this is one of my favorite social studies topics I talk about during the school year.
  5. Tina Fey's Bossypants is NOT wrong!  It's my 1st downloaded book on my NOOK tablet, and it is hilarious!  I love it!  I highly recommend it!
Sooooo, what's NOT wrong in your life this Wednesday?  Link up, share the love, and all aboard the happy train!


I'm getting ready to do alphabet assessments for my kiddos, and I needed a moment of zen before tackling it!  Thanks to Farley at...

for hosting her monthly "Currently" party!  Woot!  I'm now in zen mode and can attack the upper and lowercase alphabet!

Pssst?  Anyone want to come assess for me?! :)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

"Ff" this week!

Don't worry.  Don't worry.  I do not have an unreasonable animosity toward this week already!  It's just, we're starting to learn about letter Ff this week, and I'm full of a hodgepodge of things since I haven't posted in quite a few days.  Here we go!

"Ff is for fingernails and feet and free!"  I am obsessed with Zoya nail polish!  Have you ever seen it, used it, experienced it?  My best pal, Michelle, got me hooked when she was pregnant with her 1st, and I've been addicted ever since. It's free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalates) and camphor.  Hooray!  And, it comes in a bajillion colors?  AND, right now... they have a promotion where you can get 2 bottles free!  All you'll pay is $6.95 shipping.  Woot!  

Click the link here ----> Zoya 2012 Nail Polish Giveaway!  Check it out.  Easy peasy, one, two, threesy!  You'll love it, I promise!  But hurry, you have until tomorrow night at 11:59 PM to place your order for your freebies.

"Ff is for followers!"  Wait!  What?  When did this happen?  When did I surpass 100 followers?  I figured I would acquire a handful more during my giveaway in December, but all of a sudden, I'm over 100 peeps!  I'm so happy to have new bloggy friends, and I hope you find things that can help  you in my posts.  Sharing is caring, and that's what we all do!  So, lets keep begging, borrowing, and stealing... and making America's classrooms fun & fabulous!  (And, I smell another giveaway coming since I've surpassed 100 followers...)

"Ff is for fancy footwork!"  I've had quite a few people asking about how I started my yoga practice in my classroom, how I incorporate it, and what resources I use.  I plan on getting more in depth with that this week, but to get you started, I have a few links to help you...
Yoga In My School
ChildLight Yoga
Yoga 4 Classroom
These are some of the places I go to when I need ideas and ways to freshen up my yoga routine.  Plus, they provide tons of resources on how to present yoga to children in a safe and fun way!  I'll share more about yoga in my classroom this week, but until then, check out some of those great links!

"Ff is for freebie font sort!"  Okay, that's a lot of Ff's!  Here is a letter Ff font sort for you to do with your kiddos.  I heart font sorts!

My kids love investigating the letters and the way they look, so grab it here...  Ff Font Sort!

Alrighty then... I hope your week starts out fun, fabulous, full of joy, and fully rested!  I'm going to go watch Family Guy with the hubby and soak up the last bit of the weekend!  :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Work Station Wednesday!

I was excited and dreading starting new work stations today!  My kids were so thrilled to have new work station buddies and new work stations to explore, but I do not like giving directions for new centers.  I feel like all I do is talk, talk, talk, talk, talk... well, you get the idea!  :)  I just want to get right to it.  I want to get into the fun.  I want the learning to begin!

I survived my direction giving, and so did my students, and here's what were working on in my kindergarten room for the next 2 weeks or so...

  • ABC:  Gingerbread Man Uppercase/Lowercase stamping  
    I found this great resource at Time 4 Kindergarten!  <---- Grab it at the link!

  • Writing:  CVC Write the Room from Dee Dee Wills... yes, it was a Christmas freebie, but I'm using it now!  Snowflakes are wintry, right?  Penguins?  Elves?  Okay, maybe not elves, but no one has reverted to pre-Christmas craziness because they're distracted by their ability to read! :)  

Yoga:  I added two more poses... "Rooftop" and "Bridge."  
Here are two of my kiddos doing their favorite partner pose, "Partner Boat."

  • Listening: Bear Feels Scared by Karma Wilson... students are illustrating the setting of the story! 

Games: Gingerbread Race from Kindergarten is a Hoot!  My kids loved it!

  • Blocks
  • Free-choice

Soooo, that's where we are right now... whew!  Work stations went wonderfully, and my little ones thoroughly enjoyed what they worked on!  I plan on working with my reading groups on blending this week, as well as building fluency....

I'm off to go rest my sore, post-yoga body... I can absolutely tell I haven't practiced in a month, and I know it's going to be a struggle to move in the AM.  My hubby may have to tow me out of bed in the morning!  Ha ha ha ha!

Hope you made it through Wednesday!
(Why are short weeks always longer?  Like, they FEEL longer than a typical work week?)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Rooty Tooty Tuesday!

Today was my 1st day back at school, and I'm not trying to brag, but...I had a 2-hour delay!

Could my 1st day back get any better?  Now, I missed my kinder kiddos, but I also have a love affair with my bed, reading books for fun, and naps.  When the alarm clock buzzed at 6:15 AM, snooze was immediately hit, followed by the phone ringing telling me I could sleep for 2 more hours.  HOORAY!  What a way to ease on in to being back at school!  :)  So, I would like to thank mother nature for a coating of snow and darkness to allow my school district the kindness of a two-hour delay.

I happened upon this last night, and I'd like to roll with it...
What I need to ask myself...
Some days, I get all caught up with what is, could be or might be wrong.  Today, I'm focusing on what's not wrong.  Here's what's not wrong today...

  • Rooty tooty noisemakers in my classroom today!  My kiddos LOVED using them to toot how many days we have had in January, as well as during other mini-celebrations during the day.  I think I annoyed every other teacher in the building, but we definitely had fun!  So, that is not wrong! :)
  • My kids were excited to be at school today!  They came in asking a million questions, checking out their new seats, greeting their friends, etc.  When they're excited, I'm excited.  Hooray!  Not wrong!
  • A thank you note from one of my K kiddos for their Christmas present from me.  I wrote thank yous for all their gifts to me, and I was so happy to see them reciprocating and learning to be polite little citizens.  Again, nothing wrong with that!
  • My kids asked when and if we were doing yoga today!  YEA!  We did the Yoga Slide which I will share more about this week.  I won a new yoga CD, and I can't wait to share what we do as we explore it! :) 
  • When working on our 2012 flip book, when asked about something they wanted to stop doing this year, ie. biting nails, etc... he said, "Doing jumping jacks."  Hilarious!
  • Taco night with my hubs!  Ole!
  • Yoga class starts again tomorrow!  My mat is freshly cleaned, and I have a new yoga outfit from my sister to wear.  I can't wait to get back into the routine again!  
So, things are pretty good right now!  I have things that were annoying today, but I'm choosing to look past those things and focus on the positive!  And, I have to say, it makes me feel... GOOD!  I hope I can keep this attitude up as I try to be a more mindful and positive person this year.  

Tomorrow, we're starting new work stations... with new work station buddies... and we're working with vocabulary in working with words.  I have something similar to this...
Vocabulary Development Magnetic Sorting Boards
from Lakeshore Learning, and my kiddos are going to be sorting and recording seasonal vocabulary. 

Here's my recording sheet to grab... Seasonal_Vocabulary_RecordingSheet!  
I'm not sure if you can use it, but I'm happy to share! :) 

Okay dokay, I'm off to go peruse my NOOK Tablet and read my magazines that popped up today.  (I swear, it's like MAGIC!)  Hey, that's another thing that's NOT wrong today! 

I hope you're having a great day, whether at school, at home, at your desk, in your bed, etc...

And, I hope you can find LOTS of things that aren't wrong today!  :)