Sunday, January 29, 2012

A hodgepodge of happenings...

Weather, math, yoga... OH MY!

So, my hubs is helping a friend move today, and I'm stuck at home by myself... *sigh*
Now, before you get all, poor Kim, on me... I have to admit something... I LOVE "me time!"  I love my hubs, but there is just something about having the house to yourself for a period of time...

So far, I've cleaned the house, made the house smell yum-o with candles, drank coffee, am listening to songs on Spotify, and then I looked out the window and saw this...
Whoa!  When did that happen?  When I woke up this morning, it was sunny.  Now it is snowing.  That is what it's like being lost in middle America! :) It's supposed to be in the 50's later this week, and then it's going to get cold again.  So bizarre!  Are you having weird weather this winter too?

We've had a busy week in kindergarten!  We're taking a break from numbers and are working on 3D shapes.  My kids are loving it!  We have a great math coach who is helping us, and she joined my class when we made our cubes this week.  The day before, we discussed the typical attributes... sides (faces), corners (vertices), and edges... then, the next day, I gave them the tools, and they created their own cubes.  It was AMAZING to watch the thought process as they tried to make their cubes, and I was so impressed at how they figured it out and helped each other.  Here are some pics...
The student who finished her cube first!  So proud!

Learning new terminology with our math coach!  How many faces does a cube have?  Lets count!

Cubes!  The kiddos took them home after they set out overnight.

We're going to finish up spheres tomorrow and then move on to cones and rectangular prisms.  

I know I've been saying I'm going to talk about our yoga practice in our classroom forever...
I've had friends ask about resources, how it all started, how I manage it, etc...

So, here goes!

How did I get started?

Last school year, I was looking for a way to incorporate more movement into my classroom, and I found this book...
 in my Scholastic book order.  We do letter of the week at my school, so I figured it would be an easy way to tie yoga in with our literacy lessons... and hopefully help some of my struggling students make a further connection to letters and sounds.

Well, little did I know it would become a hit!  My kiddos LOVED learning new poses, practicing poses together as a class, and were excited to do yoga after recess.  If I didn't suggest doing it or forgot, they would say, "Mrs. Davis, aren't we going to do yoga?"  It became part of our routine.

I started out simple.  We would sit in a circle.  I would read the poem describing the pose, and then we would practice it together.  Yes, I do it too! :)  I've realized leggings and tunics are the perfect kindergarten teaching combo when using yoga in the classroom!  We would practice poses we'd done before, as well as adding on the new pose as well.  No prep really, just me, my book, my kids and a willing spirit to try something new...

So, here's my advice to you to get started... find a GREAT children's yoga book to start out.  One that has simple poses, simple writing, and is kid friendly.  Start small.  Start slow.  Maybe it's practicing Tree Pose while in line at the bathroom.  Maybe it's learning Mountain Pose before you say the Pledge of Allegiance.  Maybe it's learning about "Do Nothing Pose" when the kids need to take a time-out and relax.  See how your kiddos respond, and then go from there!  Along with the above book, here are some others I recommend...

I was surprised how positively my children responded to yoga last school year, and I knew I had to extend what I was doing for this school year.  Over the next few days, I'll discuss how I accumulated the materials I have (Donors Choose), other resources I use now (CD's and DVD's), and then I will explain how we began practice during work stations.

I am, by no means, an expert on yoga in the classroom, but I hope what information I do have can help you engage your students in meaningful movement throughout your days at school!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday... whether sleeting, snowing, or sunny!  :)


  1. I LOVE me time too!!! :-) I also love the idea of yoga! There are lots of times when we just need a quick break and stretch! Thanks for the book suggestions! :-)

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