Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"Mrs. Davis! You're back!"

That's what I was greeted with today on our first day back after the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday!  Note the excitement!  Note the joy!  Note the fact that I had an unexpected five day weekend with, not fun and frivolity, but the stomach flu...

My poor kiddos didn't know what to do without me, and you would have thought I'd been gone for 8 weeks.  (I don't dare tell them I'm going to a teaching conference at the end of February!)  Apparently one of my little girls just cried and refused to eat lunch either day.  She came in this morning and said, "I was very sad when you were gone."  Geez, little ones, I know it has been since October since I've been out, but seriously?!

And, look what my desk and reading table did while I was gone!  I swear, those new work stations and handouts must be multiplying as we speak!
Can you  find your freebie resource on my reading table?  Thanks for all the neat ideas!

Note the coffee mug and the weather radar on my computer and the assessments that need to be graded and the Oriental Trading catalog that's open and...

Thank goodness for our fabulous kindergarten volunteer who helped me make sense of it all, and thank you to all of you for giving me blogs to stalk and materials to download while I was confined to the bed.  Woot!  Who's ready for some new work stations coming up? :)

Also, did you hear?!  Arianne at
Ketchen's Kindergarten 
is having a giveaway!  Hop on over and follow her AWESOME BLOG!  She has wonderful math and work station resources.  With her giveaway, she is giving away every teacher's favorite thing... (no, not a snow day!)... but a TARGET GIFT CARD for $25.  What would you buy?  Something for yourself?  Something for your classroom... read: Dollar Spot!  Hmmm, I don't even know.  Woo hoo!  Head on over and enter! :)

And, don't think I've forgotten, because I haven't.  I know I owe a few posts discussing how I started working with yoga, how I began incorporating it in my kindergarten classroom, and how I have my students able to work independently on it in work stations.  I promise!  The post is coming, with resources, soon!  :)   

Hope you're having a great start to your week!  I couldn't ask for a better one with the love I felt from my kiddos today! :)  Oh, and start thinking, tomorrow is "What's NOT wrong Wednesday!" so you better be ready to link up and accentuate the positive!  

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