Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kindergarten Catch Up!

Last week was "Review Week" in our reading series.  You're probably thinking, "Kim, you are so lucky to have time to review!  I bet you are able to do tons of fun review activities and have a blast with your kindergarten kiddos!"  Unfortunately, review week equals ASSESSMENT week...
(Can't you just hear the Price is Right horn that play when someone loses????)

Thus, I have to be crafty!  I want to give my children time to review the skills we've learned, but also have enough time to test, test, test.  Here's one thing I did this week to practice letter writing and sight word identification last week...

Do you LOVE shaving cream or what?  We practiced letters and words to get us a ready for our assessments!

Hmmmm, what else could we do to practice, say... reading fluency?  I'm a HUGE proponent of practice, practice, practice, and I often have to find novel ways to get them to keep a-reading.  We always read our books THREE times together... they love to think of different voices we can use to read.  

Then, I have my kiddos read three times to a Reading Buddy aka a stuffed animal. 
Check out how engaged my children are reading with Clifford!  Woot!

After that, they have to find a friend to buddy read with... they LOVE finding creative places to read... ex. under my desk or the reading table! I don't care where they read, as long as they're reading to each other!

It's the little things.  It's the simple things.  Both activities had NO prep, and my children were engaged, reviewing skills, and getting their brains ready for the dreaded assessments! :) 

Also, did you not L-O-V-E discussing Martin Luther King Jr. Day with your little ones this week?  It is so wonderful to discuss fairness, kindness, love, etc. with them.  They have such a unique perspective, and I was  amazed by my children's responses to Brain Pop Jr.'s video about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  

We completed 

Mrs. Miner's Kindergarten Monkey Business 
directed drawing activity!  It was awesome!  My babes loved it, and their parents were "impressed" said one of my little girls.  And, one of my lil guys said their mom didn't believe they did it on their own.  He had to convince her!  :)  Check out how great they did with follow directions and taking their time...

As you can see, it was a busy and fun week in my classroom!  I have about 6 or 7 kiddos to finish assessing tomorrow... blended words and sentence reading... and then I have to organize and record all my data.  I know my little ones are making progress, and as much as I complain about assessments, it's nice to have those numbers to show families!  

I hope you have had a WONDERFUL weekend! :)  I have been in my PJ's all weekend, and I feel rested and ready for a new week.  With all the wild weather we're having hopefully there won't be a delay or anything tomorrow... read: 4 inches of snow Friday night, chance of thunderstorms tonight with high wind and fog!  SO WEIRD!  

Happy Sunday, folks!  Enjoy the rest of your afternoon/evening... depending what time zone you're in! :)


  1. LOVE the shaving cream! That is always so fun! Except the time last year when we had a fire drill mid-creaminess... :) Thanks for sharing!

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