Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Rooty Tooty Tuesday!

Today was my 1st day back at school, and I'm not trying to brag, but...I had a 2-hour delay!

Could my 1st day back get any better?  Now, I missed my kinder kiddos, but I also have a love affair with my bed, reading books for fun, and naps.  When the alarm clock buzzed at 6:15 AM, snooze was immediately hit, followed by the phone ringing telling me I could sleep for 2 more hours.  HOORAY!  What a way to ease on in to being back at school!  :)  So, I would like to thank mother nature for a coating of snow and darkness to allow my school district the kindness of a two-hour delay.

I happened upon this last night, and I'd like to roll with it...
What I need to ask myself...
Some days, I get all caught up with what is, could be or might be wrong.  Today, I'm focusing on what's not wrong.  Here's what's not wrong today...

  • Rooty tooty noisemakers in my classroom today!  My kiddos LOVED using them to toot how many days we have had in January, as well as during other mini-celebrations during the day.  I think I annoyed every other teacher in the building, but we definitely had fun!  So, that is not wrong! :)
  • My kids were excited to be at school today!  They came in asking a million questions, checking out their new seats, greeting their friends, etc.  When they're excited, I'm excited.  Hooray!  Not wrong!
  • A thank you note from one of my K kiddos for their Christmas present from me.  I wrote thank yous for all their gifts to me, and I was so happy to see them reciprocating and learning to be polite little citizens.  Again, nothing wrong with that!
  • My kids asked when and if we were doing yoga today!  YEA!  We did the Yoga Slide which I will share more about this week.  I won a new yoga CD, and I can't wait to share what we do as we explore it! :) 
  • When working on our 2012 flip book, when asked about something they wanted to stop doing this year, ie. biting nails, etc... he said, "Doing jumping jacks."  Hilarious!
  • Taco night with my hubs!  Ole!
  • Yoga class starts again tomorrow!  My mat is freshly cleaned, and I have a new yoga outfit from my sister to wear.  I can't wait to get back into the routine again!  
So, things are pretty good right now!  I have things that were annoying today, but I'm choosing to look past those things and focus on the positive!  And, I have to say, it makes me feel... GOOD!  I hope I can keep this attitude up as I try to be a more mindful and positive person this year.  

Tomorrow, we're starting new work stations... with new work station buddies... and we're working with vocabulary in working with words.  I have something similar to this...
Vocabulary Development Magnetic Sorting Boards
from Lakeshore Learning, and my kiddos are going to be sorting and recording seasonal vocabulary. 

Here's my recording sheet to grab... Seasonal_Vocabulary_RecordingSheet!  
I'm not sure if you can use it, but I'm happy to share! :) 

Okay dokay, I'm off to go peruse my NOOK Tablet and read my magazines that popped up today.  (I swear, it's like MAGIC!)  Hey, that's another thing that's NOT wrong today! 

I hope you're having a great day, whether at school, at home, at your desk, in your bed, etc...

And, I hope you can find LOTS of things that aren't wrong today!  :)


  1. What a great attitude to have! I'll have to remember this tomorrow when I go back! : )


  2. Love it! Very inspirational and I can feel your energy. :)
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  3. I love your positive attitude - definitely easy to get bogged down with everything - but makes life much better when you just focus on the good!

    And p.s. Taco night was tonight at the Ketchen house - and I'm not lying when I say I'd be happy with taco night every night! HA.