Monday, February 6, 2012

Mishmash Monday...

So... it's Monday.  Have you ever seen that movie, Office Space?  When they say, "Looks like someone has a case of the Mondays!"  I feel like that more this evening, than I did this morning.  My weekend was okay, minus the belly being all out of sorts again.  (I blame the kids germs.)  I did have fun watching the Super Bowl yesterday and talking about it with my kids today.

Here are some fav comments from my little ones..
"What's the Super Ball?"
"I watched the Puppy Bowl!"

Lets just hope they didn't see that little ole middle finger during the halftime show!  Yikes!  I didn't even notice it until they talked about it on The Today Show this morning.

On to other things... a quick yoga side note from my previous post.  I've had some folks asking what to get/do/have/etc. if you are crunched for time.  I highly suggest these...

They are to the point, easy to understand, child friendly, classroom friendly, and time friendly.  Here's a picture I took of one of my cards...
The front of the card shows the pose name, purpose, and what your goal of practicing that pose should be.

The back of the card goes into how to practice a pose, step by step, as well as discussing how it feels, etc. 

We use these cards while transitioning between activities, in line at the restroom, waiting to get to a related arts class, etc.  Convenient, to the point, meaningful movement for an  early childhood or elementary classroom! :)

And, I want to remind you, I'm no yoga expert.  I'm a teacher who happen to love yoga and has found a place for it in her classroom.  It's going to be different for every teacher, every class, everyone... but through practice, you can find a more centered and mindful group of children... and hopefully the same feelings for yourself!  

I hope to talk about setting up a yoga work station this week!  So, if you have any questions about that, get them ready! 

I did say this was a mishmash, didn't I?

On to Farley's traditional "Currently" for the month of February!  (How is it already February?)  Link up with her here...  Farley's February Currently

Here's mine..

So, go link up immediately!  Do it!  It's fun!  I promise! :)

Okay, the hubs is home from band practice.  (Yes, I'm married to a rock star!)  I'm going to go visit with him before I fall asleep from listening to yoga music and being in my jammies.  (Love it!)

Hope you are having a MARVELOUS Monday!  

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