Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday stalking...

I am exceptionally stalkery today.  I've been up & down, left & right, over & under in my blog roll today, and I love what I've seen folks!  I've found some perfect additions to my Valentine's Work Stations that are coming up, and I appreciate all the 100th Day posts as well.  Our "100th Day" is on Thursday, and my kinder kiddos are so excited!  (We modify our start day since we have staggered entry at the beginning of the year...)  I'll make sure to post pictures of my "100 year old" kindergartners on Thursday!

On to yoga... slow and steady is still winning the race, and I want to share how and what materials I accumulated to do yoga in my classroom!

In my last yoga post, I had a list of book suggestions for you.  Today, I have other materials (mats, games, cards, CDs, DVDs, etc.)  So, hold on tight!

When I decided that I wanted to extend my yoga in the classroom, I was at a loss for how I would accumulate materials.  Then, it dawned on me... Donors Choose!  I created a proposal for a centers set of mats, materials, games, and cards.  Lucky me, my project was funded during last summer, and I was able to receive my materials at the end of September!

Here are some of the things we use in our room...

Yoga Bingo   Yoga Matching (memory)

My kinder kiddos are OBSESSED with the "Yoga Slide" on Music for Little Yogis and our Scooter & Me DVD!  They love it!

I have to say the cards, CD's, and DVD's have been easy ways for me to incorporate whole group yoga into the classroom.  After they became familiar with the procedure, I was able to have them transition into working on yoga in work stations. But, I'll talk more about that later!  :) 

I hope this list of additional children's yoga resources has helped you start thinking of whether yoga and meaningful movement might be a good fit in your classroom.  I can honestly say, it's been a wonderful experience in mine...

I think I might even be up for writing another Donors Choose grant and get a class set of mats and some more resources if I can! :) 

I hope you have a SUPER Sunday!  Seriously, are you going to watch the game or just the commercials?!  :) 

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  1. I'll only have 10ish minutes a day to work on poses-- are the DVDs designed to do a whole 20-30 minutes, or could I just do bits & pieces? thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions-- i'd love to try this& I'm excited to "know" an expert!