Friday, March 30, 2012

I smell like coffee & a freebie!

So far, I've been told I "smell like coffee" and "she yells" and "You forget everything."

Needless to say, my head already hurts, and we are in desperate need of SPRING BREAK.  Fortunately, it's Friday.  Hooray for Mexican dinner with the hubs tonight and sleeping in tomorrow!  Unfortunately, next week's Spring Break consists of 2 days... Good Friday and Easter Monday.  Does anyone else have a non-existent, super short Spring Break?

Even though it is a rowdy, loud, crazy day in kindergarten, my kiddos have been doing a great job writing letters!  It's called, I have three kids out with tonsillectomies, so TEACHABLE MOMENT!  We've written to two of three of our friends, and they love it!

I introduce letter writing with If You Give a Pig a Pancake by Laura Numeroff & Felicia Bond.  Remember the part when Pig sends pictures to all her friends?  We use that as a starting point, then refer back to our morning message.  It's always a surprise that they've been looking at the parts of the letter since the beginning of the year!

We use a template to get us started and comfortable with letter writing... it includes the date, greeting, and closing.  Grab that freebie HERE!  It's simple, to the point, and here it is displayed in Writer's Workshop...

And, it's always fun to see what gets the kids jazzed about writing.  Today, it is.... neon paper!  I called it "hot pink," and they thought it was literally HOT to the touch.  LOL!  I thought it was hilarious.  They were saying, "Whew!  This paper is hot!" when they came up to choose their paper. 

Here they are busily writing...

They ask the funniest questions to our tonsil triplets... ex. Are you watching good shows? or Are you having fun? or How was the doctor?  I don't think they really understand that they're home, recovering from surgery... not having a vacation at home.  Oh.  Kindergarten.

If one more child asks me whether they need their coats to wear home, I might scream!  Instead of screaming, I will eat a Spiderman cupcake brought it by one of my lovelies.  Hooray!

Enjoy the start to your weekend!  TGIF!  TGIF!  TGIF!  

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What's NOT Wrong?

If you didn't see yesterday's post, it was a spectacular day!  My kiddos were full of love for me, each other, yoga, and so much more!

And, I have to say today is a repeat performance!  I know classes change from year to year, but this class... they blow me away!  They are so conscious of what's going on with each other (ex. When is Girl going to be back from her surgery? or How many days until so and so is back? I miss them.)  Such.  Sweet.  Kiddos.

To make it even better, we did a yoga activity from an awesome CD called Namaste N' Play!  It is from Kidding Around Yogaand it is fabulous!  The song is called "Orange You Grateful?"  (Seriously, how cute is that?)  And, we passed an orange... with our feet... yes, bare feet... and told for what we are grateful!  If you're a foot-a-phobe, I would not recommend this.  LOL!  They loved it.  Thought it was hilarious.  And, they shared some really meaningful things they are grateful for... ex. our principal, the sun, The Dollar Tree, their families, me... :)  It was great!

 Just like I try and do with my "What's Not Wrong?" Wednesdays, I'm trying to get my kids to focus on the good, because some of them have some seriously rough stuff going on right now.  I've found yoga helps with that, and I'm so glad I've incorporated it into my classroom! :) And, I'm not going to lie, it gives me a moment of zen too!

So, lets get started...

To participate, copy and paste the above picture in your post.  Write FIVE things that are NOT wrong.  Link up at the bottom of this post and share the love!

  1. Spring breezes are NOT wrong!  My windows have been open all day, enjoying the whir and rush of warm air rolling through.  
  2. Vera Bradley Outlet Sale Preview Day tickets are NOT wrong!  OMG!  It's only a week and half away, and I get to shop till I drop at the preview day sale in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  I can't wait to find some fabulous deals!  
  3. Acceptance it NOT wrong!  Ever get to a point where you are trying to force your life to go one way, but you realize it might not be the way God is leading you?  Yeah, I'm getting there... :) 
  4. Popcorn for snack is NOT wrong!  My kids are going to f-l-i-p when they come in from recess! 
  5. Math common core is NOT wrong!  Is anyone else loving the new kindergarten standards?  I'm having so much fun with subtraction!  What's a million minus a million?  Ha!
Oh!  Oh!  Oh!  I'm not as disorganized as I thought!  I have to give FULL CREDIT for the fabulous butterfly patterns from yesterday to Randi at Teach It With Class!  Check out the other awesome resources on her blog while you're there! :) 

So, I hope you're having a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!  Please join in and link up below with what's NOT wrong!  

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hand sanitizer, under control arms...

Oh, what a day!  It stared out with a "love fest" from my little ones.  Who else can say they received Blueberry Pie Hand Sanitizer from Bath & Body, 2 cards, a book made out of paper towels, and a picture... all in one morning?  I can!  :)  My new college student who is observing in my room probably thought my kids are either nuts or the most loving crew in the world.  (It can be a little of both most days, but mostly loving...)

We were busy today, and my kindergarten kiddos were jazzed to start new work stations!  They were especially excited for the revival of yoga work station!  Woot!  With all the love and joy going on in the classroom, I was just as excited too!

Practicing tree pose during our favorite yoga DVD from Move With Me Action Adventures!

As you can see by the disorganization, yoga work station, especially our new mandalas, were much loved!  

Cleaned up with our new poses and activities... including yoga bingo and mandalas to color!

In other news, one of my lovelies threw a playground ball over the fence, into the creek today during recess.  The exchange went as follows with the recess teacher (one of my colleagues) on duty.

Teacher:  What happened, Lovely?
Lovely:  I don't know.
(After him-hawing around for 5 minutes.)
T: You can go to time out until you tell me what happened with the ball.
(20 minutes later)
L: I think I know what happened.  My brain played a trick on me.  But, my arms were in control.  Then, they went like this... (Lovely shows stiff motioning of chucking said ball over fence.)
T: (Stares at Lovely, trying to figure out what is being said.) You what?
L:  My brain was playing tricks, but my arms, they were in control.  Then, they went like this... (Shows the ball chucking motion.)

When I asked him to tell me what happened at recess, I finally said, do you mean your arms are OUT of control?  And he said, yes!  The joys of kindergarten recess.  Needless to say, he has lost his ball privileges for the week.

On to exciting news!  My bare bulletin board.  The one that has been bare for at least a month, if not longer, has decorations.  WOOT!  

We showed different ways to make numbers 2-20... 1 will be completed when one of my kids returns tomorrow! 

Here are some close ups of their work.  So smart!

I need your help though, blogger friends!  Who can tell me where I found this free butterfly template?  I've scoured all my files (both digital and paper) and I can't give credit where it is due.  Please let me know if you have any information on the generous fellow blogger who put his out!

So, today was a good day.  I'm going to bed with a smile as look back through my day.  Loving students, a great new college student in my class, supportive families, recess hilarity, artsy fartsy smartie students, etc, etc.  

I hope you're going to bed (or eating dinner if you're on the west coast) with a smile on your face too!  Happy Tuesday, folks!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Common Core & More!

Happy Sunday, friends!  How was your weekend?  I've had a spectacular "relax o' rama" with the hubs!  On Friday, we played "Name That Tune" and won at a local watering hole.  On Saturday, we had a movie fest and watched three wonderful flix...


All three were awesome!  Hubs and I tend to like silly comedies, psychological thrillers, and dark comedies.  That sums up the movies in order.  They were wonderful though, and I would recommend any of them if you're stuck on what to watch next time you're at the movie store.

And, today, well, I finished reading The Hunger Games, took a nap, and now I'm blogging.  See, it really has been a "relax o'rama!"  What have you been up to?

Last week, we had a short week in kindergarten.  When the high school b-ball team makes it to state, a day off must be had!  Though they came up short by two points, state runner up is not half bad!  On Thursday, we, sigh, worked on science common core standards.  Doesn't that sound fun?  I had a sub in my room and sat, decked out in spirit wear, trying to find resources for common core.  Some of you helped us, and you don't even know it! :)   As we worked through standards, we were on TpT and various blogs finding some fabulous ideas.

I have a freebie for classifying and sorting!  Would you like it?  Would you, huh?  It's for magnetic and non-magnetic items.  You can grab it... HERE!  Enjoy!

Also, have you checked out my sis-in-law's latest unit?  Mrs. Wheeler at Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade Tidbits is my sister-in-law.  Here we are on a trip we took to Chicago together!

She has an awesome K-2 Poetry Pack at her TpT store.  It's only $6.00 and is chock full of great ideas and resources.  You can find it HERE!

I feel slightly unprepared for this week, but I'm happy I took the time to relax and catch up on rest.  It's necessary sometimes!  I'll play catch up this week, and be ready to rock and roll.  We have new work stations, so be ready for some Easter fun coming up! 

Have a great rest of your Sunday and wonderful start to your week! 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What's NOT Wrong Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday!  How are you doing on this fine day?  The weather is GORGEOUS again, and I'm so happy to have sun, warmth, and flip flops!

(How is your school on sandals and flip flops?  I am a better teacher when my toes can breathe!)

It's time for this week's installment of "What's NOT Wrong?"  I'm not going to lie.  I needed this on Monday.  Monday was an "Alexander" type day.  I just wanted to curl up in my bed and hide.  But, on Tuesday, I decided to CHOOSE JOY!

Today I choose JOY.
I saw this on Pinterest and needed it!  Isn't it great?

So, here I am on Wednesday, trying to continue the positiveness with "What's NOT Wrong?"
To join in the fun, copy and paste the above picture on your blog.  Make a list of FIVE things that are not wrong with you today, and please link up below!  Join in and share the love...
  1. Our high school basketball team going to state semi-finals is NOT wrong!  We get a day off on Friday! 
  2. Finishing The Hunger Games is NOT wrong!  Is anyone else reading or has read this book?  I have 60 some pages left, and it is wonderful!
  3. My 6 pack of Zoya nail polish is NOT wrong!  I can't wait to fancy up my nails on my day off this Friday.
  4. Planning vacation is NOT wrong!  Oh, South Carolina, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.  I'm going to stop and visit my BFF in Tennessee on the way too.  So much fun!
  5. My awesome husband is NOT wrong!  Remember?  I said Monday was awful. He always supports me.  He is the BEST!  (Did I mention his mom is a retired teacher and his sis teaches too?  He totally gets it.)
There are so many good things in this world, and it's so easy to get caught up in the drama, negativity, etc.  I even found this from Yoga Kids!  

"It is impossible to feel worry, anger, depression, or any negative emotion of any kind in the presence of genuine gratitude. 

A beautiful sunny day and a dark, stormy day cannot occur in the same place at the same time. Redirect your mind away from fear and toward the truth, clearing out all negativity, pain, and suffering." 

"Gratitude: A Way of Life by James Eubanks" 

I hope you're able to find love, happiness, and joy in your world today.  Link up below and share the love!  

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Surviving Sunday!

So, how was your weekend? 

 I can't believe it's already over!  I worked late Friday, napped profusely Saturday, and then I traveled to see my mama today.  Now, one would think, traveling to see one's mom would be no biggie, but the day ended up somewhat bizarre, slightly scary, and now I'm TIRED!  

Check it out...
  • Hubs (per usual) is up early.  We go forage for coffee, bagels, and groceries for the week.
  • Rock star hubs is recording with his band today.  I drop him off to play guitar and sing his pretty little head off!
  • I meet up with my mom, who is moving into her new apartment and needed some assistance.  I do my best to move boxes and attempt to not itch my newly found contact dermatitis.  (Why does she have three cats, of whom I'm highly allergic to?)
  • Finish up helping mommy dearest and head to sell some book at Half Price Books.  (Do you have one where you live?)  I love it, though am humbled by the $10.00 I received for probably hundreds of dollars worth of old teacher books.
  • Head to Ann Taylor LOFT and find jeans in my size for... drum roll, please, $4.88!  Regularly... $69.95!  WOOT!
  • Head to Target and find another pair of jeans (dark wash this time) for $8.98 and pick up some storage containers for the kitchen.  Did I mention the dressing room lady reminded me of the Target lady on SNL?  I couldn't understand a word she said!  LOL!
  • Check on the BlackBerry and see a strong  thunderstorm cell heading towards me and the way I need to be driving home.  
  • Ignore the PURPLE I see on said radar and run into this....

  • About 3 minutes later, I'm cutting onto another stretch of highway, and the radio is going crazy with TORNADO WARNINGS.  It is hailing, raining, windy as all get out, and a whole bunch of us pull over under a bridge to wait out the madness... you can't see a thing in front of you!
  • I frantically call my mom.  Her sirens are going off now.  I scan the sky for a twister and am trying not to absolutely freak out.  (In my head, I am freaking out!)  
  • I think, if there is a tornado, do I get out of the car?  Do I get in a ditch? Is this bridge going to fall on me?  (Even though I've lived in the Midwest all my life, apparently I need to brush up up on protocol!)
  • Then, this...
  • *sigh*
  • Stop 25 minutes later and eat a carnitas burrito bowl from Chioptle.  (This is my dinner reward for surviving the storm!)  PS:  It was DELISH!
  • Now, I am waiting for my rock star.  I've washed all the cat dander from me, and I've even done some laundry.  
So, I've survived my Sunday and am ready to start another new and exciting week!  
(Hopefully with a day off since our high school b-ball team is going to state semi-finals!!!!!)
I hope you're Sunday was LESS exciting than mine and you had a wonderful weekend!

Friday, March 16, 2012

A day late and a dollar short?!

Happy Friday, friends!  I am starting my Friday with a 2-hour delay at school (due to regional semi-finals for our high school basketball team), so I am JAZZED!  We won, by the way, woot!  So far this morning, I've lounged, paid bills while lounging, and watched The Today Show while lounging! :)  I need to eat breakfast, so I'm going to have to get my rear in gear and get out of bed.

So, what have you been up to this week?  We're working on U.S. symbols (thus my blog post title) since we JUST finished President's Day stuff last week.  LOL!  Plus, my little ones have been BEGGING to do art.  (We lost our art teacher last year due to cuts...)  I try to incorporate as much as I can, but it gets difficult.  How do you add art into your classroom?!  I need help!  I've found some great blogs and websites, but I'm still working on time management.

Soooo... we completed our flag art project.  We did crayon resist (which I am obsessed with!) and the kids loved it!  Check out some pics of our flag artistic representations! :)

The did such a great job, and they were so proud!  Just like any American kindergartner should be! :)

Hope you're having a great Friday!  Enjoy the wild, warm, and wonderful weather!  
I'm off to go make some breakfast so I can start my day! :)  

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What's NOT Wrong & a FREEBIE!

Is it warm and sunny?
Is it above 70 degrees?
Woot!  It is here!
I want to go home, open all my windows, and... NAP!
Does anyone else love this as much as I do?  The cool breeze, the fresh air, huddling under covers... *sigh*
I.  Love.  It.

It's Wednesday, and I definitely need to focus on what's not wrong today.  You can link up below by posting the "What's Not Wrong" picture, listing five things that aren't wrong in your world today, and linking up at the bottom of the page.

Here I go with my punch of positivism for the day...

  1. This weather is NOT wrong!  Seriously, it's March 14th, and I live in the Midwest.  It's usually snowing, raining, blowing, and freezing this time of year.  I will take 74 degrees and sunny... along with the possibility of global warming...?
  2. Zoya nail polish is NOT wrong!  Woot!  Buy 3, get 3 free with the code "spring3" until midnight tonight.  
  3. Borrowing The Hunger Games on my NOOK is NOT wrong!  I found a pal who has it, and I have T-minus 12 days left to read it.  Did anyone else read it?  I've read one chapter, and I'm already intrigued.  
  4. Wing night at BW3's is NOT wrong!  It felt like a college flashback last night, sitting with the hubs, having an adult beverage, and mowing on my spicy garlic wings and celery.  YUM-O!
  5. A 2-hour delay on Friday is NOT wrong!  Our basketball team is going to state semi-finals, and the game is late on Thursday night... so, 2-hour delay... which = SLEEPING.  IN.
What's going on in your world that rocks your socks?!  I hope the weather where you are is as awe inspiring as mine.  I love SPRING!  

Also, I have a FREEBIE for you!  I love everyone's versions of write, stamp, decorate... but I was in a huge rush on Monday, and I didn't have time to search for one, so I through this together!

Grab it. Use it.  Enjoy it.  AND... go outside and enjoy this weather if it's half as gorgeous as it is here! :) 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Currently & awarding...

I love linking up with Farley at...

with her monthly "Currently!"

I love seeing what everyone is up to, as well as sharing what's going on right now.  Woot!  Thanks for the fun, Farley! :)

Also, I have to give a thank you to...

Ms. Kerri and Her Krazy Kindergarten

for her TBA Top 10 Blogging Award!  I appreciate it so much, and I will link up and share my favorite top ten bloggers soon! :)

Also, I need to thank Stephanie at...

Kinder Kiddo
for her "One Lovely Blog" award!  Just like with my Top 10 award, I will find more fabulous friends to brag about, link up with, and share the love! :) 

You all "filled my bucket," and I can't wait to do the same!  Hope you're having a great Thursday!  I'm jazzed to snuggle in bed with my NOOK, catch up on some Words with Friends, peruse ye old Bible, and drift off to dream land.  

I mean, tomorrow's costume party day... 
After a full moon... 
I need to be rested! :) 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Management Monday...

...aka, oh my goodness, I need to get my new work stations in order or my kiddos are going to freak out!  LOL!

I'm back in the saddle again, and I have to share, my pops is handling his chemo like a champ!  GO DAD, GO!  My little ones are happy that I have returned, and we're getting back into the routine of kindergarten.

Before I go on, I have to give mad props to my sub (and friend!) who made those cute Pinterest Cat in the Hat cookies out of Oreos and Life Savers for my class last Friday.  She is awesome! :)  I love her!

On to our new work stations...

  • Blocks
  • Computers
I think my little ones are going to be jazzed to start our St. Patrick's Day work stations, however one of my little guys incessantly refers to it simply as "Patrick's Day!"  Hilarious! 

Something else that is hilarious is my class is about to earn a costume party for a behavior reward!  LOL!  I can't wait to see everyone dressed up, mid-March, in all their costume glory!  I will be the one in the hot dog costume, and don't you worry, there will be beaucoup pics!  Hopefully they can earn their last letter tomorrow...

How's your Monday going?! I'm definitely managing!  :)