Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hand sanitizer, under control arms...

Oh, what a day!  It stared out with a "love fest" from my little ones.  Who else can say they received Blueberry Pie Hand Sanitizer from Bath & Body, 2 cards, a book made out of paper towels, and a picture... all in one morning?  I can!  :)  My new college student who is observing in my room probably thought my kids are either nuts or the most loving crew in the world.  (It can be a little of both most days, but mostly loving...)

We were busy today, and my kindergarten kiddos were jazzed to start new work stations!  They were especially excited for the revival of yoga work station!  Woot!  With all the love and joy going on in the classroom, I was just as excited too!

Practicing tree pose during our favorite yoga DVD from Move With Me Action Adventures!

As you can see by the disorganization, yoga work station, especially our new mandalas, were much loved!  

Cleaned up with our new poses and activities... including yoga bingo and mandalas to color!

In other news, one of my lovelies threw a playground ball over the fence, into the creek today during recess.  The exchange went as follows with the recess teacher (one of my colleagues) on duty.

Teacher:  What happened, Lovely?
Lovely:  I don't know.
(After him-hawing around for 5 minutes.)
T: You can go to time out until you tell me what happened with the ball.
(20 minutes later)
L: I think I know what happened.  My brain played a trick on me.  But, my arms were in control.  Then, they went like this... (Lovely shows stiff motioning of chucking said ball over fence.)
T: (Stares at Lovely, trying to figure out what is being said.) You what?
L:  My brain was playing tricks, but my arms, they were in control.  Then, they went like this... (Shows the ball chucking motion.)

When I asked him to tell me what happened at recess, I finally said, do you mean your arms are OUT of control?  And he said, yes!  The joys of kindergarten recess.  Needless to say, he has lost his ball privileges for the week.

On to exciting news!  My bare bulletin board.  The one that has been bare for at least a month, if not longer, has decorations.  WOOT!  

We showed different ways to make numbers 2-20... 1 will be completed when one of my kids returns tomorrow! 

Here are some close ups of their work.  So smart!

I need your help though, blogger friends!  Who can tell me where I found this free butterfly template?  I've scoured all my files (both digital and paper) and I can't give credit where it is due.  Please let me know if you have any information on the generous fellow blogger who put his out!

So, today was a good day.  I'm going to bed with a smile as look back through my day.  Loving students, a great new college student in my class, supportive families, recess hilarity, artsy fartsy smartie students, etc, etc.  

I hope you're going to bed (or eating dinner if you're on the west coast) with a smile on your face too!  Happy Tuesday, folks!

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  1. I love these! I will be doing this next week for review before spring break! Please email me the template ASAP!

    That's hilarious about the "brain playing a trick on him!" I say that to my kids all the time! Ha!