Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What's NOT Wrong & a FREEBIE!

Is it warm and sunny?
Is it above 70 degrees?
Woot!  It is here!
I want to go home, open all my windows, and... NAP!
Does anyone else love this as much as I do?  The cool breeze, the fresh air, huddling under covers... *sigh*
I.  Love.  It.

It's Wednesday, and I definitely need to focus on what's not wrong today.  You can link up below by posting the "What's Not Wrong" picture, listing five things that aren't wrong in your world today, and linking up at the bottom of the page.

Here I go with my punch of positivism for the day...

  1. This weather is NOT wrong!  Seriously, it's March 14th, and I live in the Midwest.  It's usually snowing, raining, blowing, and freezing this time of year.  I will take 74 degrees and sunny... along with the possibility of global warming...?
  2. Zoya nail polish is NOT wrong!  Woot!  Buy 3, get 3 free with the code "spring3" until midnight tonight.  
  3. Borrowing The Hunger Games on my NOOK is NOT wrong!  I found a pal who has it, and I have T-minus 12 days left to read it.  Did anyone else read it?  I've read one chapter, and I'm already intrigued.  
  4. Wing night at BW3's is NOT wrong!  It felt like a college flashback last night, sitting with the hubs, having an adult beverage, and mowing on my spicy garlic wings and celery.  YUM-O!
  5. A 2-hour delay on Friday is NOT wrong!  Our basketball team is going to state semi-finals, and the game is late on Thursday night... so, 2-hour delay... which = SLEEPING.  IN.
What's going on in your world that rocks your socks?!  I hope the weather where you are is as awe inspiring as mine.  I love SPRING!  

Also, I have a FREEBIE for you!  I love everyone's versions of write, stamp, decorate... but I was in a huge rush on Monday, and I didn't have time to search for one, so I through this together!

Grab it. Use it.  Enjoy it.  AND... go outside and enjoy this weather if it's half as gorgeous as it is here! :) 

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  1. I'm so glad What's not wrong Wednesday is back this week. I've already posted today but I'll be posting tomorrow. Been thinking about you and saying a prayer for your dad.