Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What's NOT Wrong?

If you didn't see yesterday's post, it was a spectacular day!  My kiddos were full of love for me, each other, yoga, and so much more!

And, I have to say today is a repeat performance!  I know classes change from year to year, but this class... they blow me away!  They are so conscious of what's going on with each other (ex. When is Girl going to be back from her surgery? or How many days until so and so is back? I miss them.)  Such.  Sweet.  Kiddos.

To make it even better, we did a yoga activity from an awesome CD called Namaste N' Play!  It is from Kidding Around Yogaand it is fabulous!  The song is called "Orange You Grateful?"  (Seriously, how cute is that?)  And, we passed an orange... with our feet... yes, bare feet... and told for what we are grateful!  If you're a foot-a-phobe, I would not recommend this.  LOL!  They loved it.  Thought it was hilarious.  And, they shared some really meaningful things they are grateful for... ex. our principal, the sun, The Dollar Tree, their families, me... :)  It was great!

 Just like I try and do with my "What's Not Wrong?" Wednesdays, I'm trying to get my kids to focus on the good, because some of them have some seriously rough stuff going on right now.  I've found yoga helps with that, and I'm so glad I've incorporated it into my classroom! :) And, I'm not going to lie, it gives me a moment of zen too!

So, lets get started...

To participate, copy and paste the above picture in your post.  Write FIVE things that are NOT wrong.  Link up at the bottom of this post and share the love!

  1. Spring breezes are NOT wrong!  My windows have been open all day, enjoying the whir and rush of warm air rolling through.  
  2. Vera Bradley Outlet Sale Preview Day tickets are NOT wrong!  OMG!  It's only a week and half away, and I get to shop till I drop at the preview day sale in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  I can't wait to find some fabulous deals!  
  3. Acceptance it NOT wrong!  Ever get to a point where you are trying to force your life to go one way, but you realize it might not be the way God is leading you?  Yeah, I'm getting there... :) 
  4. Popcorn for snack is NOT wrong!  My kids are going to f-l-i-p when they come in from recess! 
  5. Math common core is NOT wrong!  Is anyone else loving the new kindergarten standards?  I'm having so much fun with subtraction!  What's a million minus a million?  Ha!
Oh!  Oh!  Oh!  I'm not as disorganized as I thought!  I have to give FULL CREDIT for the fabulous butterfly patterns from yesterday to Randi at Teach It With Class!  Check out the other awesome resources on her blog while you're there! :) 

So, I hope you're having a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!  Please join in and link up below with what's NOT wrong!  

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  1. I'm glad your week has been going so well! I hope it continues! :)

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