Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Packing tape, boxes, and losing five feet....

I'm moving.  Not moving districts.  Not moving cities.  Not moving grades.  Just moving buildings.

I just ended my 9th year teaching, and I've accumulated A LOT of stuff.

This is SOME of my stuff...

This is some MORE of my stuff...

This is stuff I still need to pack!  And, not to mention... a desk, a filing cabinet full of files, and all my construction paper and art supplies.  (I can assure you there is lots of glitter to pack.  Kindergarten teachers LOVE glitter!)

Can you tell I had a 2 year old visitor in my room today?  Note the open Play-Doh, Barbies, and Dora that is out!  I love my friend's little girl!  She provided oodles of entertainment against the sound of packing tape and Foo Fighters playing in the background! 

So, I'm trying not to freak.  I'm trying to think calmly and rationally, even though all I really want to do is shove things in a box and label it "Misc."  

See, I'm trying to be organized.  
I'm really trying.

I've purged some things.  I've organized some things.  I've left things strewn about because I don't know where to put them yet.  (Pssst... I feel a giveaway coming on because of my purging... oh.  my.  goodness.  unopened, brand new teacher goods are a travesty!!!!!)  And, I have 150 followers now.  Why, hello?  When did this happen?  

So, any advice from people who have traversed rooms?  (A smaller room nonetheless!)  I'm already reviewing possible classroom layouts in my mind so I can decide which shelves I want to snag and slap my name on!  Hello!  Trying that organization thing again!

I have to share my moment of happy from yesterday...


That's why I do what I do...
And, that's why I'll keep packing tomorrow!  :) 
Mrs. Davis


  1. I love that sweet note! I'm starting to get to the point where I have so much stuff and few places to put it all. Good luck with the classroom move!

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. I had to pack up all of my stuff and move classrooms this year too! The elementary school and middle school are switching buildings this summer, and we'll probably have to stay pretty packed up and move out of our room during the year for some remodeling...I tried to organize as I packed too, but by the last 4 or 5 boxes I had to label them misc. Oh well! I tried! Good luck with the rest of your packing...hopefully it will go better than the end of mine!


    Third Grade's A Charm

    1. Oh, I'm there! :) I know I'm going to laugh when I open my "Arts & Crafts" box. Random doo dads from my art shelf! LOL!

  3. Vanessa... I absolutely LOVE your classroom layout. Super cute and organized! I threw away 3 huge boxes of junk!!!! Who knows how many bags of trash too! :) I'm glad to be finished packing... but all I can think of is the unpacking in August! Ahhhhhh!

    And, I'm your newest follower too! :)