Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Unfortunate update...

Thank you to all who have been checking in on me, touching base, and praying for my dad.  Unfortunately (for me) and fortunately (for him), my dad joined the rest of our family in Heaven on Sunday night.  Around the time my dad passed, I was asking God for a "rescue," and it wasn't until yesterday that I realized my father has the ultimate rescue... to be be with God in Heaven! 

While I sound positive, my heart hurts.

I was lucky enough to stop into school yesterday morning to help get things ready in my room for the week, and the hugs I received from colleagues, friends, my students were... amazing! 

My heart still hurts.

My dad was the most selfless, caring, loving person I know.  He gave everything for me and my sister.  And, I'm going to miss him. 

Mrs. Davis

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  1. Praying for you and your family. So sorry for your loss. It's good to know that our loved ones are in a better place though. You will see him again someday! Praying for you!