Saturday, June 30, 2012

Flash Sale!!!!!

Stop by my Teachers Pay Teachers store for a ONE DAY ONLY flash sale!

10% off of all my products!

Maybe you've been curious about my interactive products, well here's a thrifty way to check them out!  

I hope you're having a great Saturday and happy shopping!!!!!
Mrs. Davis

Friday, June 29, 2012

Cc is for cinnamon, and Ii is for Interactive!

Cinnamon Toast Crunch is like crack.  I've never been near the stuff (crack, that is), but I imagine that my desire to eat another bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch is equivalent to the desire for crack.  What do they put on it?  What makes it so delicious?

I think it all translates into my lack of sugary cereals as a child.  The sweetest we got was Honey Nut Cheerios, and if I was lucky, Trix on occasion.  But, it wasn't until college that I understood the power of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  YUM!  Now, as an adult, I regularly buy it (if it's on sale and I have a coupon!).  Ha, mom!  You can't do anything about it!  LOL!

On another note, I've been all about "interactive this and interactive that" in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store!

I've added Nifty Numbers, An Interactive Number Line and Short /a/ Interactive Word Families, along with Short /i/ Interactive Word Families.  I'm all about getting those kiddos involved with their own learning and having them create our classroom environment!  Woot!

I need to actually get dressed motivated to get some things done before the weekend comes.  We're off to Illinois for a wedding!

Hopefully, I won't go through Cinnamon Toast Crunch withdraw!

Mrs. Davis

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fingernails and sickness tales...

Who gets sick during summer vacation?
I do.  Aches, sore throat, drainage... and I haven't even been around any kinder kids!

Thank goodness for my bed, my NOOK, Netflix, and Hulu Plus!  And, really, it's supposed to be 100+ degrees in the Midwest, so I don't think I'm going to be going out and running about tomorrow.  What's it like where you are?

While I've been recuperating, I have been working on some interactive sets for your classroom.  Today, I added Interactive Short /a/ Word Families.  It includes -an, -ad, -am, -at, -ag, -ap, -ack and helps your kiddos take ownership of the word families they're learning!  Keep your eyes peeled for other short vowels... each set for only $1.00!

AND, I've had a few inquiries into my post from last Wednesday about Jamberry Nails and all their awesomeness!

I ordered 5 sets at the party I went to last week, and I'm actually hosting a catalog party right now.  So, check out this Jamberry Nails video to see how they work.  And then, click HERE if you're interested in ordering.  They are a wonder... especially for teachers!  My toes are holding strong, and I can't wait to get my order for my fingernails!

Okay, I'm off to lay down some more and watch 30 Rock reruns!  And, seriously, why is July creeping up on us so quickly?!  Happy Wednesday and stay cool!
Mrs. Davis

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What's NOT Wrong Wednesday!

Hurrah!  I actually knew it was Wednesday!  Seriously.  Do any of you lose track of what day it is during summer vacation?  I know I do!

I'm here with another installment of "What's NOT Wrong Wednesday."  It's a moment to reflect on all the good, positive, fabulous, wonderful... you get the idea... things going on in your life.  I know it's so easy to get caught up in all the negativity that travels around, so it's good to get in touch with those good vibes and let it carry you through!

To join, copy and paste the above picture into your blog post.  Write about five things that aren't wrong with you this week and then link up with me below.  It's that easy!  

Here's my things that aren't wrong this week....

1.  My NEW car is NOT wrong!  Okay, I've been driving a 1996 Saturn since 2000.  I am now, not only driving a car in the current millennium, I am driving a car in the current year!  The locks work!  The air conditioning works!  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  Welcome to the family 2012 Honda Accord!

2.  Jamberry nails are NOT wrong!  I love nail polish!  But, have you heard of Jamberry nails?  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  Someone needs to hug whoever invented these, because they are going to be a life saver for a busy teacher like me (and YOU!)  Check it out...
From this... which does about 2 sets of hands and one set of toes....

To this! (These are my test fingers!)  All with just a little trimming and a hair dryer and a nail file!  AMAZING! 
I bought the polka dot ones!  And the red ones!  And a lot more!

They are vinyl nails shields and there is no chipping or anything!  They last about 14 days on fingers and 3 weeks on toes.  Have you heard of these or seen them in your town?  They are definitely the new Thirty One!

3.  TpT is NOT wrong!  I've starting dabbling and added a new Interactive Alphabet and am going to start working on my interactive word families as well!  

4. Deciding on a classroom color scheme is NOT wrong!  Seriously.  I have no idea what to do.  I was going to go all Lemon Chiffon from SchoolGirl Style, but then I get distracted (much like a kindergartener!) and get drawn toward the aquas, hot pinks, and lime greens!  I know I want to make it pleasant, not just for the kiddos, but for me as well.  (I had an ORANGE wall for 5 years!)  What are you doing in your classroom this year?

5. Vacation countdowns are NOT wrong!  I received an e-mail from my best friend today, and I can't wait to see her!  (I don't think we've seen one another in 2 years!)  We're stopping in her neck of the woods on our way to sunny Florida!  I can't wait!

So, what's NOT wrong with you today? 
 Or tomorrow since it's almost 11:30 PM... 
Mrs. Davis

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lost! Found! And my first item on TpT! (Read on for a FREEBIE!)

Jennifer K. has been found!  Jennifer K. has been found!  Did you know she was lost?  She was the big winner in my Classroom Clutter Giveaway, and she was tied up with end of the year odds & ends, so I'll cut her some slack! :)  I'm just glad I can share the love and send my unused goodies (and a Starbucks gift card!) to their new home!  Hooray!

On another note, I finally finished my first "FOR SALE" item on TpT!  Do you like 100's charts?  Do you like writing/reading around the room?  Then this is for YOU... well, it's for your kiddos, but you get the idea!

Head over to my TpT Store pick up a free sample of my 100's Chart Number Search!  You get the activity for the month of September which will be perfect for Back to School time!

And, while you're there, please follow my store!  I will be adding things as the summer continues, including math vocabulary word wall cards for kindergarten, ABC charts, word family charts, etc.  I'm excited to keep creating!

If you decide to follow me on TpT, please come back here and comment that you did!  The first two people to do so will get the 100's Chart Number Search activity pack for FREE!  WOOT!  

So, get a move on it, people!  Jennifer K. has been found, and I've opened up shop! :) 

Hope you're having a terrific Tuesday!  {{hugs}}
Mrs. Davis

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Uh oh! My winner is MIA! And, my mouth is numb!

I know.  I know.  My giveaway ended Tuesday morning at 12:01 AM, and I haven't heard back from the lucky girl, Jennifer K.  So, I'm going to give our gal pal 24 hours (or so) until I draw another winner.

Me (shouting):  Jennifer K!  Jennifer K!  Please, check your e-mail!  Please check it immediately!

I will let you (my lovely followers) know, either way, tomorrow afternoon/evening.  Who knows, maybe someone's weekend excitement will go up exponentially if they end up being the winner?

On a side note, my mouth is numb due to a filling I had this morning.  (Isn't it lovely how we teachers use the summer to catch up on medical and dental appointments???)

On a side side note, I think I'm going to the pool tomorrow!

On a side side side note, I am celebrating my birthday with my in-laws and Mrs. Wheeler on Saturday!  (Have you checked out her blog?  She's my sis-in-law!)

So, here's what we've determined Jennifer K. needs to e-mail me, my mouth is numb, I may go swimming tomorrow, and my birthday continues!  

Happy Thursday, friends! :)
Mrs. Davis

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

We have a winner!!!!

Happy Birthday to me!  Happy Birthday to me!  Happy Birthday dear me!  Happy Birthday to me!

It's my birthday, but you're the ones receiving the presents!
Congrats to Jennifer K!


  • X
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(I'm still trying to get the hang of this Rafflecopter thing... I just cut and pasted the above from the Rafflecopter  to show the winner, winner... chicken dinner!)

Jennifer answered about how she's organizing for the new school year...
"I am going through EVERYTHING and 
discarding anything I have not used this year...there must be a reason :o)"

Jennifer, I will e-mail you (if Rafflecopter hasn't already) to get your 
personal information and get your prizes packed up and in the mail!

Thanks to everyone who participated! I hope to have more giveaways as the summer continues... and when I get my TpT store up and running!
Mrs. Davis

Monday, June 11, 2012

Last call and falling asleep during Jeopardy!!!!

Yes.  I did that.
At 7:30 PM.  For 30 minutes.

Hubs was like, "Seriously?"  My response to that is, "It's summer vacation!"

Now, to be fair, I didn't get my typical afternoon nap... I had a dentist appointment and errands to run.
So there!  I love summer schedule!

When the hubs and I arrived home from dinner, I was super excited to find these things in my mail...
My favorite magazine, a travel magazine for my upcoming vacation to FL, and the hearAll recorder I won from Schoolgirl Style and Learning Resources!  Hooray!  

I am itching to start messing with the hearAll.  I will have a full report on it as soon as I can & even more when school begins!  I love new technology, and I can't wait to see how this works with guided reading and reading work station!

Also, stop the presses!  My Classroom Clutter Giveaway ends tonight at midnight... when the bell tolls for my 32nd birthday!!!!!  So hop on the Rafflecopter and enter!  Who doesn't love decor and books, books, books????  

I will have a winner tomorrow! 
I will also have margaritas tomorrow!  
Hooray for my birthday and a giveaway!

Mrs. Davis

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lazy Sunday, TOMS, and my GIVEAWAY countdown!!!!

I got dressed once today and that was to go get ice cream at Dairy Queen.
For this reason, I LOVE summer!  (And, I love mini Blizzards!  Good job DQ!)

Also, as my 32nd b-day draws closer.... I got my first present!
Who doesn't LOVE presents?
My mama got me a TOMS gift card.  Have you heard of TOMS?

Check them out here...
I adore their ONE-for-ONE philosophy, and while I get goodies... I helped two people get shoes who wouldn't have them otherwise!

Here's what I found...
Red Canvas Women's Classicsand Unisex Grey Stamp Tank
Now, I'm eagerly awaiting their arrival in a week, and I can't wait to sport them around this summer!  WOOT!

Wait a second!  If my birthday is coming up, that means my Classroom Clutter Giveaway is getting close to a-closing!  If you haven't entered yet, check out the slew of things you could win...
Classroom decor, letters, signage, 7 Scholastic children's books, and a Mailbox book for fall!  ALL BRAND NEW, UNUSED... and taking up space in my classroom! :) 

Make sure you're entered via Rafflecopter so you can join in on the fun!

Okay dokay, I'm off to go watch a Sasquatch documentary with the hubs.  (This is what happens when I lose the remote control!)  LOL!  I have a feeling I'll work on some TpT items instead!  Happy Sunday!

Mrs. Davis

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Currently June!

7 days late, but not a dollar short!

I'm linking up with Farley at...
with her monthly linky party!  

Go join in on the fun and see what everyone is up to in June!  

Oh, and don't forget to enter my Classroom Clutter Giveaway!

Mrs. Davis

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What's NOT Wrong Wednesday!

I know, I know.  It has been FOR-EV-ER since I posted a "What's Not Wrong?"

It's time.  It's time for me to focus on the blessings and wonderful things going on in my life... and I invite you to do the same!

I can be something BIG!  It can be something small!  It can be anything!

To join in on the fun, save the below picture, post it on your blog and share FIVE things that aren't wrong in your life right now.  Then, link up at the bottom of this post so others can read all the positiveness going on in Bloggy Land right now!

1.  Winning the Hear All Assessment Recorder Giveaway from 
 and  Profile Picture is not wrong!
I can't wait to use this during reading groups and in my independent reading work station come fall!

2.  Getting together with my gal pals from high school is not wrong!
Without the power of Facebook, we'd never have reconnected!  While we weren't besties in high school, we were all friends and are now besties as adults.  Isn't that fabulous?  We're having a mexican food/margarita night on Friday, and I am so excited!

3.  Sleeping in is not wrong!
School is out!  I woke up at 10:00 AM.  Woo hoo!

4.  Cleaning the house is not wrong!
I'm hoping if I post this, I'll actually get off the computer and clean!  I know how happy I'll be to have a dust and grime free house!  LOL!

5.  My Classroom Clutter Giveaway is not wrong!
I am so excited to be having a big ole giveaway.  Click the above link to get to the post and enter via Rafflecopter!

So, what's not wrong in your world today?  I hope you're having a fabulous Wednesday, and I can't wait to see what you have to share!  
Mrs. Davis

Monday, June 4, 2012

Classroom Clutter Giveaway!!!!

I'm moving on up, to the east side...
To a de-luxe classroom in the sky...

Okay, so it's not in the sky.  It's in our elementary building, but I like to sing, and that seemed to work!

Well, as I packed shoved things into random boxes, I found oodles of new things I hadn't even touched or used. I know, I know...

I was surprised by the number of brand new books, teacher decorations, and things I hadn't used.  So, I'm going to pass my treasure finding on to you.

This giveaway is going to run from today (June 4th) through my birthday... Tuesday, June 12th!!!  

I will be celebrating with friends and margaritas!  You will be celebrating with lots of fun things including...
Creative Teaching Press: "Back to School" Up-Down-All-Arounds
Creative Teaching Press: "Hearts" Ribbon Banners

A set of 4 adorable signs to wave at your children from Target!

Artskills: Classic Bulletin Letters in Green
Elmer's: Project Popperz in Red & Holographic Silver

7 brand new, never been read Scholastic children's books! 

Mailbox: "I can Make it!  I can Read it!"  Fall (Grade 1)

And, since I know it's going to take a lot of caffeine to get your new classroom plans started for the 2012-2013 school year.  (And, since I L-O-V-E coffee!!!!) 

A $5.00 Starbucks gift card!

I'm so excited to have this giveaway full of goodies, and I hope you are too!  Here's how to enter... 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you have any questions or need any more information, feel free to comment me!  I can't wait to share the love and find a great home for my "classroom clutter!"
Mrs. Davis

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Summer Bucket List

It's my 1st official, full day of summer vacation!
(Geez, that is so nice to say?)

I napped yesterday.  I went to a baby shower today.  I made homemade pizza's with my hubby tonight.
All in all, a pretty nice little Saturday!

Summer is officially here, and I've been thinking about what my plans are for the hot days ahead.  Luckily, Hadar, Teri, and April are getting us situated with their summer bucket list linky party!

Here's what some of my plans are for June, July, and August...
  • Get a TpT store started.  I've been itching to make a kindergarten math vocabulary word wall and some other things, so I figured I should share the love with all of you!
  • Create a new classroom environment.  We are moving buildings... so that means a new classroom and a whole new slate.  I'm thinking of color schemes, organization, shelving, etc.  I need to plan so I don't go in there all willy nilly! 
  • Create a new classroom schedule.  Using Math Workstations?  Using Daily 5?  Using... I have no idea what!  We'll have related arts (specials) at the exact same time each day.  I need to be strategic in my schedule planning.  Any suggestions?  
  • Write a new Donors Choose Grant.  More yoga materials?  Technology?  What are you all itching to have in your classrooms?
  • Nap.  Seriously.  Can there ever be enough napping?
  • Cook more.  After being away from home and practically living at the hospital, I have yet to get back into my cooking groove.  I don't want my hubs to waste away!  I'm excited to have the summer to cook using fresh fruits and veggies that are in season!
  • Exercise.  Regularly.  I practice yoga, but have been a bit lackadaisical.  And, I have friends wanting to run a 5K in August... so, it's time to get my rear in gear and start taking care of myself again!  
  • Renew myself.  I lost my dad to cancer complications, and I finally have time to fully go through the grieving process.  I know Father's Day and my dad's birthday are going to be hard this summer.  Having this summer to relax, rest, and restore myself emotionally will prepare me for a new school year and the challenges that lie ahead as life continues on.
Obviously these are in no particular order, but as I look at what I wrote, they are almost in order from least important to most important.  Hmmm.... looks like I need to take care of myself and give myself a little TLC so I can take care of my new crop of kinder kiddos in the fall!

So, any hot plans for summer?!  If you haven't linked up yet... join in on the fun!  
Mrs. Davis

Friday, June 1, 2012

Miscellaneous or why I love saran wrap...

I did it!  I did it!  I did it!

Boxes packed.  Furniture labeled.  Keys turned in.
Pedicure completed.

Oh yes.  After I turned in those keys and did a once over in my empty room, I went and spent over an hour in the pedicure chair.  It was heavenly!

But, I digress...

We went from organized boxes to this by the end...

Note the beginning of the use of "Misc." when labeling my boxes.  

The pile just kept multiplying....
Do you like how I'm making them move my sweepers?  LOL!

Also, I have a new obsession with SARAN WRAP!  Seriously, one of my colleagues' sisters-in-law used it for her move, and we found a roll in the basement of our school.  You need to wrap something up?  We can do it!  

Do you need to put a crate together with a seashell, pencil sharpeners, and Easter bags?  We can do it!  Check out the power of the wrap!  
I wrapped LOTS of things towards the end, but this was the kicker...

Yes, at the end, I shoved a crate full of baggies and whatever else was on my table into this giant box.  

And, this is what I was left with...

While I'm sad to be moving buildings, I am excited about all the new possibilities with decorating.  I've been scouring blogs, Pinterest, etc. to help with ideas and help with my organization!  

Plus, it's OFFICIALLY summer break!  And, who can be sad about that?!  

Mrs. Davis