Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What's NOT Wrong Wednesday!

Hurrah!  I actually knew it was Wednesday!  Seriously.  Do any of you lose track of what day it is during summer vacation?  I know I do!

I'm here with another installment of "What's NOT Wrong Wednesday."  It's a moment to reflect on all the good, positive, fabulous, wonderful... you get the idea... things going on in your life.  I know it's so easy to get caught up in all the negativity that travels around, so it's good to get in touch with those good vibes and let it carry you through!

To join, copy and paste the above picture into your blog post.  Write about five things that aren't wrong with you this week and then link up with me below.  It's that easy!  

Here's my things that aren't wrong this week....

1.  My NEW car is NOT wrong!  Okay, I've been driving a 1996 Saturn since 2000.  I am now, not only driving a car in the current millennium, I am driving a car in the current year!  The locks work!  The air conditioning works!  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  Welcome to the family 2012 Honda Accord!

2.  Jamberry nails are NOT wrong!  I love nail polish!  But, have you heard of Jamberry nails?  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  Someone needs to hug whoever invented these, because they are going to be a life saver for a busy teacher like me (and YOU!)  Check it out...
From this... which does about 2 sets of hands and one set of toes....

To this! (These are my test fingers!)  All with just a little trimming and a hair dryer and a nail file!  AMAZING! 
I bought the polka dot ones!  And the red ones!  And a lot more!

They are vinyl nails shields and there is no chipping or anything!  They last about 14 days on fingers and 3 weeks on toes.  Have you heard of these or seen them in your town?  They are definitely the new Thirty One!

3.  TpT is NOT wrong!  I've starting dabbling and added a new Interactive Alphabet and am going to start working on my interactive word families as well!  

4. Deciding on a classroom color scheme is NOT wrong!  Seriously.  I have no idea what to do.  I was going to go all Lemon Chiffon from SchoolGirl Style, but then I get distracted (much like a kindergartener!) and get drawn toward the aquas, hot pinks, and lime greens!  I know I want to make it pleasant, not just for the kiddos, but for me as well.  (I had an ORANGE wall for 5 years!)  What are you doing in your classroom this year?

5. Vacation countdowns are NOT wrong!  I received an e-mail from my best friend today, and I can't wait to see her!  (I don't think we've seen one another in 2 years!)  We're stopping in her neck of the woods on our way to sunny Florida!  I can't wait!

So, what's NOT wrong with you today? 
 Or tomorrow since it's almost 11:30 PM... 
Mrs. Davis


  1. Congrats on the new car! I desperately need to start thinking about that myself. Like you, nothing fancy, just things that work! :)


  2. I have chosen a new classroom theme as well! I'm calling it "Brights!" It'll be bright pink, blue, green and orange! I'm definitely loving it!!