Monday, July 16, 2012

What do they use in that floor wax? Or, I went to my classroom today!

This may be, officially, the earliest I've ever gone into my classroom...
Please mark this date, July 16, 2012 as an important date in history because of it!

All kidding aside, we DID move buildings.  I have a NEW classroom.  And, well...
I felt motivated.  I felt motivated to move furniture.

I realize I should have taken pictures of my room... pre-dragging moving furniture across the newly waxed floors... but then, that would have required more strength than I had remaining after yanking, pulling, shoving moving stuck chairs from my floor.  What do they use in that wax?  That combines with heat and humidity?  That makes it like super glue?  Please tell me someone else can relate?

I will take pictures once I have things put away, and I start the decorating process.  All things in good time.  Plus, I think I changed my mind on the color scheme, so who knows!

Heads up giveaway hunters...  I have one coming up ASAP!

This one is loaded with TpT goodies from your favorite friends, children's yoga CD's from Kidding Around Yoga, and much more!  So keep your eyes peeled... it's a-comin'!

Happy Monday!
Mrs. Davis


  1. I'd love to contribute to your giveaway! Can you email me about it at

  2. Congrats on a new building and a new classroom! And I completely understand about furniture sticking to the newly waxed floors. Ours was so bad one year, that when we went to move chairs and tables, we moved some of the tile with them. Yup, pulled chunks of tiles right up!

    Heather (

    1. Shhh, we won't tell any of our custodians that I pulled a chunk of tile up too! :)


  3. I would love to donate something for your giveaway:) Check out our Teachers Notebooks shop or Teachers Pay Teachers and let me know what you would like:)