Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wild Horses and a Swiffer Wet Jet!

I cleaned my humble abode today!
I cleaned my humble abode while listening to the Rolling Stones on my iPod.
Have you ever cleaned while listening to music on an iPod?

I was singing!  (I'm sure my neighbors were thrilled...)
I was dancing!  (Hooray for 12 years of dance lessons!)
I was cleaning... and not even really realizing I was cleaning.
Thus, I now have a super duper clean home, it smells divine.... like Comet & Swiffer Wet Jet solution...

Speaking of...
How did I survive years without the Swiffer Wet Jet?

My sister gave me her hand me down when the new model came out, and I L-O-V-E it!  I think I might take said Wet Jet to school and invest in the newer model for home.  Think about how easy it would be to mop up... red fruit punch (always red!), glitter, glue, paint, etc!!!

Also, I'm gearing up for the big giveaway... check out who's sharing the love this time...
Not only do I have fabulous bloggy buddies sharing resources, I have CD's from Kidding Around Yoga, and Activity Cards from Yoga 4 Classrooms!  I also have some Jamberry Nails to giveaway and maybe a few gift cards too! 

 Keep your eyes peeled for the kick-off... coming soon to a blog near you! 
Mrs. Davis

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