Tuesday, August 7, 2012

4 packs of yellow and 1000 paperclips...

Today was the day...  The day I went from thinking about working in my classroom to actually doing it.

Now, please recall that I've moved buildings, and I have eleventy billion quite a few boxes to unpack.  PLUS, our supply orders have arrived, so it's like my boxes of stuff had babies while I was on vacation!

I started to organize my million packs of construction paper, some from my old classroom, some from my new supply order, and I then I realized... I only ordered four packs of yellow construction paper.

For.  The.  Whole.  Year.

Granted, I was under duress, not in my classroom, and didn't really care about school supplies in April when my dad was in the hospital... but seriously... only four?  I have no clue what I was thinking.  I hope I need to fasten papers though... because I ordered five 200 count boxes of JUMBO paperclips!

Paperclips are the new yellow construction paper in my kindergarten classroom.  There.  Problem solved!

We won't make yellow daisies from construction paper, we'll use the paperclips as petals!  We won't make ducks from construction paper, we'll sculpt them from paperclips!  We won't hunt for gold coins at St. Patrick's Day, we'll hunt for paperclips!

I can only imagine what other gems I'm going to come across as I unpack! :)

No work in the classroom tomorrow though... it's...  (as shouted through a megaphone, with an echo) KINDERGARTEN SCREENING!  I'll fill you in on all the lovelies I meet tomorrow... after a much needed yoga class, of course.
Mrs. Davis

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