Monday, August 20, 2012

"Must Have Monday" & I forgot my laminating!

How fun!  Blog Hoppin' is having a fabulous themed out week!

Isn't that adorbs?  I love it, and I love all the fun new things I'm going to learn about my bloggy friends.  So, make sure you link up too! 

Here are my "must haves!"

1.  Coffee.  Coffee.  And, more coffee.  I love it hot!  I love it cold!  I just love it. 

2.  Bordette:  I'm not going to lie.  Some of my teacher friends think this "old school" border is ridiculous, but I LOVE it!  I adorned my entire classroom with Canary Bordette today, and I am obsessed!

3.  My jumbo owl Tervis from Mrs. Wheeler:  I got it as a birthday gift, and I've been carting it everywhere I go at school.  I just bought straws to go in it, so it is super convenient!  Since I drink so much coffee, I drink a ton of water too!

4.  Flip flops:  Yes, I know they're unsupportive.  But, when you're walking from table to desk to shelf as you hang bulletin board paper & border, you need to be agile on your feet.  With flip flops, I can just kick them off and travel from piece of furniture to piece of furniture.  My back hurts today though!

5.  A super understanding hubby: Seriously.  It's back to school time, and I am a crazy person!  LOL!  Without my number one guy, who doesn't mind going to Walmart THREE times in one day... and the dollar store... and the teacher store... and.... well, you get the idea.  Thank goodness his mama is a retired teacher and his sister is one too!!! He is a constant must have, and I'm so happy I have him!!!!!

So, what are your must haves?  Link up and join the fun! 

I'm going to go read now... since I left the wad of laminating I had to cut out at school.  Oops!  There's always tomorrow! :)
Mrs. Davis

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