Sunday, September 9, 2012

A punch in the face...

Yup!  You read that title right.  And now, you're probably wondering what it means...  It means two things... one, I literally had a student punch another student in the face on Friday during dismissal... And, I feel like I've had one with the assessment requirements changing in my state!

First, the kinder kiddos... I take the students out who get picked up by their parents.  My kiddos go in one of my colleague's rooms until the buses are dismissed.  One of my lovelies, socked another lovely of mine in the mouth.  Ironically, the puncher was hurt more than the punchee because the student's knuckle grazed the punchee's teeth.  Yikes!  Nothing like parent phone calls at 4 PM on a Friday.  Argh!  I can't wait to play CSI Kindergarten and figure out what caused the ruckus tomorrow morning!

Secondly, how is everyone doing with the new common core and assessment requirements?  Common core, I'm cool... Assessments, not so much.  I can barely get a routine started and procedures taught because we need data... and more data... and more data!  We've always had a literacy assessment at the beginning of the year, but they've added additional screeners and diagnostics.  Seriously, people, they're FIVE!!!!!

Whew.  Breathe, Kim.  Breathe.

I understand the need for more rigor, but lets also not forget our basics of child development and what is considered developmentally appropriate?  (Do state's even use that term anymore?)  I've been focusing on play based centers in the afternoon while I pull children to work on the short screener.  Then, after that, if they're not "not on target" I get to do the long screener and/or the diagnostic.  Ugh!  Whatever happened to teaching?

Okay, I'm not going to be entirely "Negative Nelly" in this post, but thanks for letting me vent.  LOL!

We were moving and grooving to nursery rhymes this week...

I was chastised by one of my littles for not using a decorative candle for our jumping... We used cups.  The kiddos then put their names in the nursery rhyme and illustrated it.  They loved it and were so proud to read it!

Also, I found a F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S character building website.  I already have one of the books, but I was so excited to learn they have free online books and activities as well.  Have you heard of Howard B. Wigglebottom?  If not... head here... and check out all the wonderful resources they have to make your classroom more harmonious!

Here are my kiddos watching an animated storybook about bullying before we sign our bully-free pledge.  They've been repeating the key phrase from it... "Be brave.  Be bold.  A teacher must be told." 
And, I think we'll be watching it again after the "punch in the face" incident from Friday...   
Here's to a punch-free week for everyone!  
Mrs. Davis


  1. Oh, I hear ya on the assessments part. Our district changed the report cards to reflect the Core Standards, but haven't given us a guide on how to use it. I'm so confused. If the standards are things that we want our kindergartners/first graders to master by the END of the year, how do I assess them NOW? Or is everyone progressing until the end of the year and that will be a Pass/Fail situation? I have no clue? Plus, the assessments that I have found for each standard are so difficult for this time of year, but there is no way I could give them ALL of the standard tests at the end of the year. That's too much. There seems to be no scaffolding! I'm at a loss...

  2. Wow. We don't use common core (Texas opted out), however we have tons of assessments to do as well. Ours are actually 50% of our evaluation this year (although they haven't figured out yet what Kinder will use-yes, we've been in school for 3 weeks already). I too remember the good 'ole days when we could, you know, actually teach! :)


  3. Assessments are killing me! I'm right with you on barely getting a routine established and then I've got to change something up to make sure I have them tested. Ugh! And thanks for the website. I've never heard of it and REALLY need it with my kiddos this year. I've got 3 who are BIG bullies and they just don't seem to understand why they can't have their way.

    Kinder Kraziness