Friday, September 21, 2012

Full week Friday!

This was it.  My official, first full, five day week of teaching.  The first week of school is staggered entry, so I only have small groups of kinder kiddos during that week.  The second week, well, there's Labor Day.  Last week, we had training on Friday, so there was no school for children.  This week is my first week with my lovelies, and I survived!  Hooray!

Seriously though, have you solidified yourself into a routine?  Pssst, every time I do, a schedule changes or something. Thanks goodness I take yoga, 'cause you have to be flexible!  We're still plugging away with routines and practicing work station behaviors... thanks to a good ole week of missed routines.  Why a week of missed work station routines?  Oh, that's because the state decided they wanted us to do an additional kindergarten assessment, and it needed to be submitted to the state before the end of the month.  Only NOW, as of 4 days ago... They.  Changed.  Their.  Mind.  No need to do the additional assessment.  The first assessment that I busted my hump to complete during staggered entry days is just fine.  But, don't worry, they're coming up with something completely different for next year.  Awesome.

I'm rolling with it though!  Because honestly, what else can you do?

Here's a bit of what we've been up to in my kindergarten classroom...
Getting excited about reading with "Reading Buddies" aka stuffed animals.  They read their book three times to build fluency and then give their animal a big hug & thank them for reading with them.  They love it and the fact they can read anywhere (within reason) in the classroom.  (Yes, under my desk is within reason...)

Becoming math savvy while practicing working in Math Work Station!  They love reading & writing math vocabulary and working with math tubs.

My favorite part of the weeks was concluding our initial study of flat shapes with an art project!  It was inspired from here... Dali's Moustache!  It's a great art blog for all sorts of grade levels.  Check it out!  

And, while you're checking out the fabulous blog, check out my TpT Store for 20% off of everything.  Mrs. Wheeler is hosting a linky party with other bloggers listing their fall bargains.  Check it out...

I can't believe it's fall, y'all!  Enjoy the start to a new season!   

Mrs. Davis

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