Monday, October 29, 2012

"There's a sandstorm in New York City!"

No, honey, there's a Hurricane Sandy coming to New York City...  can you tell we live in middle America or what?

Things have been insanely busy here lost in middle America... thus why you've seen hide nor hair (is that how the expression goes?)  from me in three weeks.  One of my November goals is to get my act together and improve my blogging frequency.  It is not merely a summer sport.  LOL! :)

Hmmm, lets see... to catch you up...

We've been doing yoga... slowly but surely adding more as we go... 

We are OBSESSED with writing.  They adore making all sorts of books!

We have gained a fish tank.  And two fish.  Unfortunately, we've lost two fish too... to the giant toilet bowl in the sky.  We're giving it another try again later this week.  

My class is in love with the squirrel family that lives in the tree outside our classroom.  Thus, we are starting to learn about squirrels.  

And, well, I was Honey Boo Boo for Halloween parties last weekend.  Yes, I had "go go juice," but not the real kind... just an empty Mountain Dew bottle.

To make up for my poor bloggerism... enjoy this freebie... How Many More to Make 5?  We used mellocreme pumpkins to find different ways to make five on the five frame.  So much fun!  Enjoy!  

AND, I'll talk with you SOON!  Promise! 
Mrs. Davis

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