Tuesday, October 2, 2012

No, they didn't take me hostage...

Seriously.  I promise.

At times I feel like I'm shackled to my classroom, but seriously, it's all good in the hood.  No little ones have tied me down with yarn or taped me up with masking tape.  No one has glue stuck (glue sticked?)... glued me to tiny kindergarten chairs with the only hope of release being the giving of recess and/or snack.

It has just been a rough start for me this school year.  Nothing in particular.  None of my students are whackadoos... though there are whackadoo moments.  And, well, I think it's just all the changes this year.

  1. New school building.
  2. New principal.
  3. New standards.
  4. New assessment requirements.
  5. New daily schedules.
  6. Okay, new everything... minus my incredible group of friends (colleagues) I teach with!  
Um, hello, overwhelming. 

 "I know you can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed?"

Quick, name that movie!  I will give my Sight Word Work 1 Packet to the first person to name it correctly in the comments!  Because, well, I've been a bad blogger & haven't been blogging, and I feel the need to give something away, and I also wanted share a little info about my sight word packet and...

"Read, trace, practice, and review 14 common sight words. Included in the packet are Rainbow Writing, Find-Trace-Write, Mini-books, and Fill in a Friend Sentences for each sight word. The sight words included are the, a, my, that, and, I, is, said, we, are, you, have, to, and me! That's 4 activities for each sight word! These activities are perfect for word work, work stations, or centers! They're wonderful for whole group too! A great addition to any word work in your classroom!"

See, isn't that fun?  Look, not only did you play a little movie quote game, you learned about a product I added to my TpTStore!  And, you learned I wasn't taken hostage.

All in all, very productive blog time!

Have a great Tuesday!!!!!

Mrs. Davis

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  1. That was going to be my guess (the comment above)! I love that movie!

    ~Diving Into Learning