Sunday, December 8, 2013

"He touched the elf!"

Oh, I knew it was bound to happen.   
But, I guess I just hoped it wouldn't.
One of my littles touched our classroom elf, Floofy, on Friday. 

Floofy spent our first day on the SMART Board.
The second day, he was hiding in one of my plants.
On Thursday, he was here...

And then on Friday, Floofy was here...

It never fails... it was first thing, right when the kids were coming in.  I watched this little reach and touch his hat.  I said, "Little!  Oh, no, now Floofy lost all his magic!"  And, that's basically all I had to say.  The class took over for me after that.  They were beside themselves!  

So, Floofy is still staring behind the fish tank, and he will be tomorrow morning.  I'm trying to figure out how he can get his magic back.  I'm thinking an apology letter to Santa might be in order.  But, before that, a stern letter from Santa might do the trick!

Grab this FREEBIE from my Dropbox by clicking the picture:
Hopefully you won't have to use it, but at least you'll be prepared if you do!

I'm off to go snuggle in bed!  It's freezing here with winter storm Dion preparing to come through.  I'm, at least, hoping for a delay tomorrow, but I would L-O-V-E a three day weekend.  Please?  Pretty please? With sugar on top and a cherry?!  Enjoy your Sunday and STAY WARM! 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Currently {December}

Oh.  My.  Goodness.
How is it already December?
How did it sneak up on me like this?  
My last post was in October, and then BOOM, it's December!

I have a good reason for my absence in blogging though...
It starts with a B, ends with a Y, and has an AB in between.  
Yup.  Hubs and I are expecting a little one in May!  We don't know if we're going pink or blue yet, but we'll be finding out soon.  (Thank goodness, because it's starting to drive me nuts!)  How on earth am I supposed to buy clothes on clearance if I don't know who I'm buying for?  We can't wait to find out and are thrilled to be expanding our little family! 

So, onto this month's Currently, hosted by our pal Farley at... 

My fav tradition is having A Christmas Story on in the background all during Christmas Day!  My dad, who passed away last year, loved this movie!  It reminded reminded him so much of his childhood!  We would turn it on Christmas Eve night and pick right back up in the morning.  It was always on, and it will always be one of my favorite Christmas movies... and memories I share of my Pops!

I, reluctantly, need to get working on my lesson plans.  You saw my countdown up top, even though I haven't even returned back to school from Thanksgiving Break!  Only 19 more days, 15 more school days, until Christmas vacation.  And.  This.  Is.  Exciting.  We have TWO FULL WEEKS OFF!  Hooray!  We can do this peeps!  I know it!

Have a great start to your week and enjoy this pic of Mrs. Wheeler spending some time with her niece or nephew!  Rub my growing Buddha belly, Mrs. Wheeler!

PS:  If you have anything on your wish list or in your cart, tomorrow and Tuesday are the time to buy...
I know I'm going to be a-shop-shop-shopping!  

Saturday, October 12, 2013


That is all you've been getting from me for the past month.
Bad blogger! 

The funny thing is, I have an iPhone full of pics just dying to be shared with you, as well as quick & dirty freebie as well.  So, lets get to it... no more crickets!

My kinder kiddos are exceptional this year!  As a first time kindergarten inclusion teacher, I am loving the progress ALL my students are making and how we've become our own little family.

Here we are a few weeks ago exploring letters.  We worked on recognizing similarities and differences between letters, as well as seeing if we could find any letters in our names.

Such a simple activitiy, which showed me tons about what my students know (or don't know) about letters!

I have also started back in my groove of using yoga in the classroom!  Last year, I sort of took a hiatus, and this year... well, it's a necessity.  I can tell when my kinder kiddos need 15 minutes of yoga to get all the wiggles out and center themselves for learning.

I found a FABULOUS YouTube channel called.... Cosmic Kids Yoga!
My class adores the storytelling and yoga positions we try.  It's a fabulous brain break, and well worth the 10-15 minutes to get them back on track again.  I imagine I'll be using this a lot in the winter when we can't head outdoors for recess.  Check out one of the videos below...

We've just finished talking about positional words and shapes in math!  
Grab this shape sorting FREEBIE I created by clicking the picture below!

We're moving on to numeracy with numbers 0-5 next...
I can't believe math has become one of my favorite things to teach! 

So, how are you?  Are there crickets where you are?  I hope your first month or so of school is off and running, and you're having a great start.  

I'll see you sooner rather than later next time... because we need less crickets!

Monday, September 9, 2013

We're getting it!

I forget that every year, I must teach every mundane, minute, and minuscule procedure that occurs in my classroom.

Today, I felt like we were getting it!

We did two, count 'em, two math activities about circles today.

We celebrated our first name today.

Here are some of my little buggers working on making a portrait of our friend whose name we celebrated!

Don't forget you can grab my name celebration FREEBIE by clicking the picture below...

We even worked with the nursery rhyme, "Mary Wore Her Red Dress."  We won't even comment on how one lil guy bawled because he had to write his name three times to put his name into his own nursery rhyme. 

It's hard to be in kindergarten.  

But, we're getting it.  We're building our school stamina, and we'll be back at it tomorrow.  

I hope you and your students are getting it too!  Happy Monday and enjoy your week!  

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Five for Friday on Saturday {Or, I have been asleep at 9:30 PM all week!}

And, I took a two hour nap today.  Granted, I did do some work at my NEW old house. 
(I'm moving from my current house to one I've lived in previously.)

This room, which used to be a "closet room," is now going to be just a room!
If I can move my arms and hands tomorrow from all the screw removal, I will be lucky! 

Oh, and I have a new love at school.  

I am 100% enamoured with my document camera.  I now have no idea how I (and my students) survived without it.

Boom!  I have been buying Tim Horton's coffee for $1 all week!  

Extra large of course... I teach kindergarten!

I have a new FREEBIE in my store to help my kiddos learn their names and their friends' names.

Click HERE to grab it!

And, I have to share ah-mazing post from Ms. Christi Fultz from...

Ms. Fultz's corner

She shared a heartwarming, honest, true, and perfect look at what many of us are feeling in the teaching profession.  Head on over to HERE to check out the post.

I hope you're enjoying your weekend and taking some time for yourself!   
(I know I am... watching this week's Jimmy Fallon episodes and laughing my rear off!)
Have a great Saturday! 

Monday, September 2, 2013

CURRENTLY September {linky party!}

It's unofficially over, folks.  Summer is coming to an end.  Where did it go?

Where are all my days of sleeping in, blogging, and watching Maury?  Where are my afternoons filled with late lunches and naps?

Now, my days are full of corralling kindergartners and trying to get them to raise their hand before calling out an answer.  (No, raising the hand AND yelling out do not count.)

Don't get me wrong, I'm excited about all the possibilities a new school year holds, I just can't believe how quickly summer flew by this year.

So, here I am, linking up with  Farley for her monthly CURRENTLY!  Bring on September!

Listening:  As much as I'm not ready for summer to be over, I AM ready for summer weather to be over.  The heat and humidity have been atrocious, and we do not have A/C at our school.  Wilty kindergartners are no fun!

Loving:  Hubs is on his way home!  He went to visit a buddy over the long weekend, and as much as I enjoyed taking up the entire garage and bed... I'm ready to have my mister back!

Thinking: My coffee and I are crying.  How in the heck did I buy fat free half & half?  Also, how is that even possible?  The fat is the best part of half & half!

Wanting: I think lesson planning is going to involve blog stalking and Pinterest to get back in my groove again!

Needing: Hubs is a clean freak.  I am not.  Time to get the house in tip-top shape before he gets home.

Things I want to accomplish in September: 1.  Yoga always makes me feel better.  Why do I even have to set this goal?  Maybe my new bright yellow yoga mat will help me!  2.  I love to cook, but I hate to do it during the school year.  I need to get back to planning and prepping meals ahead of time.  3. I try and do this every year.  I last a few weeks, and then I'm frantically planning the Sunday before.  Argh!

So, what are you up to as this school year and month get under way?  Go check out what all of the rest of your bloggy buddies are up to and/or link up yourself!


Friday, August 30, 2013

Five for Friday! {linky party}

It's Friday.  On a three day weekend.  Cue the happy dance!  

I'm linking up with... get a quick peek at my week. 

My eldest niece broke her ankle this week!  Yikes! 
I'm planning on visiting her tomorrow and sprucing up her tween toesies.

A little hot glue + yellow cups + dollar store table baskets = no more tipping pencil & scissor cups. 

Foo Fighters are an essential start to the morning during the beginning of the school year.

Boom!  Best iced coffee!  Also essential during the first weeks of school.

And, since it's been 90+ degrees in my non-A/C school, I adore this!  Bring on fall!

Have a fabulous start to the holiday weekend, and make sure you rest up!  There are little lovelies ready to see you again on Tuesday! 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

A first day and a cancellation.

Today was supposed to be Group B's first day of kindergarten.  Group A came to school yesterday.  Group C is coming tomorrow.  (We have staggered entry, only having about 6 or 7 children each day for the first three days.  Then, we all come together the Tuesday after Labor Day). 

Group B got the shaft from Mother Nature today, as she gave us dense fog.  

I received a text from one parent saying their child was so disappointed to not have school today.  I received an e-mail from another who said their little one was crushed.  

I had mixed emotions.  My first thought was, "Hooray!"  (Seriously, who doesn't have that when they hear they're cancelled?)  Then, I was like... "Whoa nelly!  I have a whole group who are going to miss their staggered entry day.  And, that means I'm not going to have as much time to get their initial assessments finished..."

I took it in stride though, and spent several hours at school... (along with a quarter if the teaching staff!) and organized all the paperwork I've been collecting over the past few days.  I was productive.  Now, I need to star planning for next week.  With all.  Of.  Them.  

To go with paperwork, I made a freebie at the beginning of the week in preparation for Open House.  

Keep track of your families that come to any school event with:
Click the pic to download for free in my TpT store. 

I made a copy of my Open House sign-in and put it in my teacher binder today, so there is no question who was there, and so I can turn it in to whoever looks at all those papers... LOL!

Tomorrow is Friday, folks!  Hooray for three day weekends, getting back into the school groove, and the excitement of new little learners!  Have a great evening and day tomorrow! 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Oh my, Open House! {A top 5 list about today!}

5.  I got everything I needed finished before the families arrived.  AND, I already finished my PowerPoint for Kindergarten Orientation on Tuesday.  SCORE!

4.  Max & Mario, my two goldfish are a huge hit.  Read: instant kindergarten celebrities!

3.  A new kinder kiddo brought me gummi worms and M&M's after reading that they were my fav candies in my introduction letter.  And, it was HIS idea!  Sweetie!

2. There are no hugs like former student hugs.  I love them all!

And the number one thing about today... the excitement, anticipation, and hugs from my new kinder kiddos bring a smile to my face and warm my heart.

Bring it on 2013-2014!  I'm ready for you!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

The classroom reveal... {Or. I THINK I'm ready!}

It's coming tomorrow!  The day I get to meet all 21 of my kinder kiddos!  
We have our Open House tomorrow, two days before school starts, and I think I'm finally ready!

Check out my classroom pics and get ready for a FREEBIE at the end!  Hooray!

Math area

Attention Getters from Teaching Maddeness!
Direction cards from Miss Kindergarten!

CCS and anchor chart area
Listening Work Station

Word Wall 
Writing Work Station

Classroom management area

My small group work area, note the empty Starbucks...

Whole group area

Ready for Daily 5's Read to Self, thanks to IKEA!!!

Table time

My area aka the most popular place to do Read to Self and Read to Someone!

And, since I'm "ready" for Open House tomorrow, I made these cuties to keep track of all the lovelies I meet.  

Click the pic to grab 'em for FREE at TpT! 

Okay, I'm off to write my wish list of things for families to donate to my classroom.  I can't wait to share about my little lovelies with you tomorrow.  Hooray!  Happy Saturday! 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Beauty Tip Tuesday {Or, what I do when I'm running late!}

I was working through online safety training yesterday, and I was determined to get it finished before a lunch date with some of my besties.  I finished all the modules but only had a short amount of to get ready for lunch. Yikes!  What's a teacher to do?!

I'm a Birchbox subscriber, and Mrs. Wheeler was sweet enough to get me an Ipsy gift subscription for my birthday.  (We love our products!!!)  I have been pretty lucky with what I've received... especially these new go-to products... that I will be buying in bulk when my samples run out...

This is my new go to when I don't have time to dry my hair. 
A few spritzes (which smell like a heavenly beach!), a scrunch and tousle, and a 9 min. drive to school = hair full of body, shine, and volume. Loving it! 

Dare I say it?  I think this product is magic!  I use this with or without make up.  It absorbs quickly into the under eye and erases those dark circles.  I look like I've slept, even though I may have been up blog stalking or pinning.  

These are two new favs that I found at Big Lots!  The eye lash curler is superb, and the mascara doesn't smudge!!!  I've been looking for a smudge free mascara for a while, and this is the one.

So, what tips do you have for getting yourself gorgeous for school?  Do you have any favorite products?  Share in the comments below!  I'd love to hear! 

All right... I'm off to school to keep working on my classroom... make-up free and far from gorgeous!  Have a terrific Tuesday! 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Three. More. Days. {And a sale!}

That's all I have left of summer.  Only three more days.  It seems unbelievable.  Where did it go?

My days now are full of laminating, cutting, ever changing rosters, and trainings.  Friday will be my first official day back at work.  My plan is to finish up my classroom and online trainings over the next three days so I can focus on Open House, Kindergarten Orientation, and the first few days with my kiddos.  Where are you in the back to school process?

Oh, wait, did I forget to mention printing?  With TpT's Back to School sale, I've been buying & printing to get ready for the new school year!

You can head on over to my Teachers Pay Teachers Store to snag some of my favorite products for 28% off!  

My "No Students!" Back to School Centers are only $3.20 right now.
I love starting the school year with these! 

I am also loving my Fry Word Wall for this school year.  I can't wait to show it to you when printed, laminated, and ready to go.  Only $2.80 right now!  I also have the second and third one hundred too! 

So, what have YOU snagged during the annual TpT sale this year?  

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Taming the Wild! {Teacher Week '13}

So.  I had kindergarten screening today.
And, I think some of those kiddos might need taming.  

Tomorrow, we're going to work to put all these lovely five and six year olds into classes, doing our best to control the chaos and manage the madness! :) 

In my little ole classroom, we use...
A Cupcake for the Teacher's
super cute, super effective, and super FREE clip it! behavior chart!!!!

Everyone starts on green and can either move UP to blue, purple, or pink!  Hooray!  I love the positive reinforcement!  Or, if they're having a rough day, they can move down to yellow, orange, or... (cue the dramatic music) red.  
I also use...
to monitor and record both positive and negative behaviors as well.

The one thing I adore about Class Dojo is how it creates percentages of positive/negative behaviors so you can monitor trends of specific students and the class as a whole.  Plus, did you know that families can monitor their student's behaviors during the day as well?  I had quite a few families download the app on their iPhone and check on their child's behavior throughout the day.  They loved being able to initiate conversations with their littles about any issues, big or small, when the arrived home during the day.  It became a great communication tool between home & school.  

I also L-O-V-E to work on class behavior goals.  I usually write the the goal (ie. popcorn party, stuffed animal party, pizza party, costume party) and mark of letters off as they receive compliments from related arts teachers or when they have consistent good behavior in the classroom.  When all the letters are marked off, it's party time!  The love it! 

So, that's a glimpse into my classroom management plan, but as they always say... the best laid plans... 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Classroom Digs {Or, classroom shambles!!!!}

Yesterday was my first real day working in my classroom.  I've gone in to drop things off or putted around a bit, but yesterday I had a mission.  In retrospect, I'm not sure what that mission was, but I have one new bulletin board 3/4 of the way finished.  (No applause, please.)

Oh, I also moved furniture.  Why is it, when we have no intention of moving anything after a successful classroom setup, we still do?  I moved bookshelves, my easel, and three sets of shelves.  I.  Must.  Be.  Nuts.

So, I'd like to introduce you to the BEFORE pictures of my classroom... 
This is my carpet area.  (Ignore the shambles on the shelf!)  Don't you just love that darling throw my hubs found at T.J. Maxx?  I know the kids are going to be fighting to sit on that softie when reading.  LOL!

Another view of the carpet area.  (I need to fluff my pom poms above my easel!)

This is going to be my Listen to Reading area.  Aren't those chairs perfect?  Only $3.00 on clearance at Walmart.

Blank bulletin board.  Word families?  Alphabet work?  Not 100% sure what that's going to be yet. Any ideas?

My Common Core objectives and anchor chart bulletin board.  Our "I can..." statements will go in the pocket chart under the appropriate subject area.  I'm getting a small curtain rod to hang on those Command Hooks for our anchor charts.  Thank goodness for Christina's inspiration on this one!

My math tub area and student tables.  I'm going to place my math tubs in that rolling shelf.  You can also see my SMART Board. 

My small group teaching area... Or, as I like to call it right now, my catch-all!

My word wall is under all those white papers!  We are lucky enough to be able to leave bulletin boards up during the summer, so I just cover them with paper to keep them unfaded and dust free!  

Wow.  Writing this and then reading everyone else's posts sharing their classroom digs makes me sick to my stomach motivated to get working!  So, I'm going to cut this short and keep printing things I need to laminate today.  

Check out other bloggers' posts or link up yourself!!!