Sunday, June 30, 2013

The first three letters in assessment are...

Yes.  At times, that's how I feel about assessing.  I feel like the first three letters of assessment when 1/2 of my class is out due to illness, and I have to get an assessment piece finished.  I also feel like the first three letters of assessment when I have to scrap 3/4 of my lesson plans just to get my testing done.

Luckily, one of my colleagues was able to help us stay a little more sane and feel less like those first three letters...

Thanks to...
Much like creating a Powerpoint, you can create your own assessment or use ones ESGI already has installed.  In kindergarten, much of the assessing is done one on one.  Instead of having to keep track of checklists or having to figure out percentages, ESGI keeps track of it all for you.  

Check it out... 
  • I can look at data by class...

Looks like we still need to work on color words, syllables, and rhyming.  But, hooray, everyone knows their letters and initial sounds!!!

  • I can look at data by student...

Such a smartie!

  • I can analyze which assessment elements were missed the most for reteaching...

Which words do I need to focus on in small groups? 

  • I can download, edit, and print assessment letters, sharing important information with families...

Do I have your interest yet?  ESGI also helps you schedule parent/teacher conferences and print flash cards on skills your students need to work on!

I love it and have been using it for the last four years.  The 2013-2014 school year will be my 5th year using ESGI, and I cannot imagine my life without it.  They have a 60 day trial, so you can't go wrong!

Check.  It.  Out. 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Kindergarten Flash Sale: 20% OFF!!!! (And, a flash giveaway!)

Ack!  I leave for the evening and almost miss out on a sale!  I live for sales.  I L-O-V-E sales!  Are you the same way?  

Myself and a bunch of my kindergarten lovin' blogging friends are having our stores 20% for one day only.  So, if you're thinking about the 2013-2014 school year, this is the time to shop!

What are you looking to buy for the upcoming school year?  
Leave a comment below (with your e-mail address) telling the one item you want/need the most for a successful school year.   

I will choose a commenter at random to receive my...

Get an EXTRA entry for liking my brand spankin' new Carried Away in K Facebook Page!  
Just leave an additional comment that you did!  

So, head over to TpT!  I can tell you I have about 10 products wish listed and another 5 in my cart! 
 Happy Shopping, one and all!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Five for Friday!

Please disregard my previous post.  I'm still navigating the disintegration that is Google Reader.  I'm not 100% sure what all is going to happen, but I'm happy to know my blog is "claimed."  (Does anyone really know what that means?)  LOL!

Anyways, here is today's regularly scheduled post, linking up with...


So, here it goes...

 OMG!  We are getting an ULTA in my Target-less small town!  No more will have to drive at least an hour away to get my ULTA lipstick or use my $3.50 off coupons.  HOORAY!

This has been my coffee situation this week.  (Yes, that is a rubber band.)  Apparently "pour over" coffee is all the rage, but I can't find my coffee maker, and my Verismo is out of coffee pods.  
(Target-less town = a town with a Starbucks that DOES NOT carry Verismo pods.)

Thank you Hobby Lobby for listing Scentos at "summer" merchandise.  This 3 pack only cost me $2.04 with 66% off.  Is that any good?  I was excited, but I think others have found better Scentos deals out there.  Lets share the bargains in comments, okay?! 

I got a UPS delivery update in my mailbox from a company called Drawing Board.  I think I entered a giveaway, but I'm not sure what is coming my way.  Hmmmm.... what do you think is coming from UPS??  

And, last but not least, everyone, along with me, is trekking over to Bloglovin'!  Come join the fun by clicking my button along the side!

Making it official... with a blog claim!

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Throw it on back... THURSDAY!

First, check this out...

Don't lie.  You all know you're jealous of my kickin' sweater, awesome pigtails, and that sweet bang action I have going on.  Do you think my mother used a Tupperware bowl to do that?  Whew!  I'm going to guess this was circa 1987... a nice 1st grade throwback if you will!

Another wonderful first grade throwback is The First Grade Parade's weekly Throwback Thursday!!!  It's where we pilfer through old blog posts and repost them with (hopefully) new insight about what we posted then.  Check out my bloggy friends by heading here...

Today's post is from January 24, 2012.  It was when my kindergarten students were really gaining independence with reading, and I created a reading response sheet to help guide them when working in workstations.  And, it has a FREEBIE!  Woo hoo!  Enjoy!

Are they asleep? *freebie*

I've said it before.  I DETEST giving out directions for work stations.  My kids just snored, slept, snoozed, stared at me for 20 some minutes, asking if they could get started repeatedly.  I'm sorry little ones, I have a few, a couple, some, a million directions for you, and I want to make sure you know what we're doing for the next 11 days in work stations.

My little ones have been so excited to read their phonics readers lately, that I knew I had to give them a new activity in Reading Work Station!  They had to self-select one book and read it to a reading buddy (stuffed animal).  After reading, the students wrote the title and then listed the words in the book that are on our word wall.  Then, it's their job to figure out which words were tricky (yikes!) and which words were easy peasy, one, two, threesy! (hooray!)  Then they get illustrate a favorite part from the book.

I love response sheets!  It holds my students accountable, but they still can self-select and work at their own pace.

If you'd like a copy of my Reading Work Station Response sheet... grab... it... here ----> 
Reading Workstation Response!

Also, here's a question... out of all my kindergarten students and the preschool class who worked with us yesterday, who do you think was the one child that "sampled" our snowman paint?  You know, of the Pinterest variety, with shaving cream and glue?  Please, make your predictions now...

Winners will receive my undying love and gratitude! And, the excitement of knowing they were right!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wednesday Websites!

I'm linking up with....

One of the BEST resources I've found for kindergarten keyboarding skills is...The BBC's Dance Mat Typing!  We had a request from our 3rd and 4th grade teachers to start keyboarding in kindergarten so they are better at it by the time they arrive in upper elementary grades.  

My kinder kiddos would complete a keyboarding lesson first during work stations.  Then, they were able to self select from Starfall or Literactive!  

I L-O-V-E how a picture of the keyboard stays on the screen.  It helps students become less dependent on looking at their own fingers.  The keyboard screen helps them figure out if their fingers are in the right place AND if they are typing the correct letter.  

After an intro, the students practice typing a variety of words using the home row to start, then moving beyond. My kids would be tuckered by the end of their keyboard practice, but I heard fewer "Where is the _____ key?" questions as a result.  I'm going to start this program sooner, rather than later this year, hoping that my kiddos will be able to get further and become more fluent typists!  

Do you keyboard in kindergarten?  1st grade?  2nd grade?  3rd and up?  I would love to know what you think about keyboarding in early elementary, as well as what resources you use.  

Head on over to the linky party and see what other wonderful websites teachers are using!  

Monday, June 24, 2013

Winner! Hobby Lobby! Made It Monday!

Yes, folks, this is three.  Three posts in one!  

First off, thank you to all who entered my Welcome Back to Blogging Giveaway!  And, a big hello to all my new pals who've joined the fun from Ashley @ The School Supply Addict! Isn't she the best?  I love all her papers, clipart, and resources.  If you haven't checked her out, make sure to click her link and head on over there!  

All right... I am so excited to see who is going to win my Teachers Pay Teachers Store, a $5.00 gift card to Starbucks (yes, I had an iced coffee while I picked up your card!), and a $10.00 gift card to Hobby Lobby (yes, I bought things for my classroom while I was there!).

Drumroll please... a Rafflecopter giveawayCongrats, Cindy! I will be e-mailing you with your TpT winnings and asking for your address so I can send you your gift cards.  Bravo!!!

So, remember how I said I went to Hobby Lobby?  Check it out...

Everything, minus the Hefty cups, was 66% off!  Um, how cute are those little melamine bowls and cups going to be in my work stations?  My yellow, gray, black, and white theme continues.  Oh, and Scentos... also on sale for $2.04/pack!  Woot!

Did you know, that even though summer started last week, it's almost time for fall?

And, a Merry Christmas to you as well!  

I'd like to give a big shout out to the folks at Office Depot for helping me with today's...

Have any of you seen those Pinterest posts that explain about making large photo prints for pennies?  Well, my sister's 40th birthday is coming up, and I'm throwing her a surprise party!  (Don't worry, she is involved in education only by working on my nieces' and nephew's homework with them!)  Well, I've been itching to have a banner made, but that costs eleventy billion dollars.  I decided I would try, for $1.57, to see if one of these engineer prints would work with photos (like they say they do on Pinterest, but adamantly tell you not to on the company's website).  

And guess what...

It did!  This is an 18 x 24.  They come in two larger sizes as well!  
Um, this got me thinking?  Who wants a giant class picture hanging up in her classroom?  This girl!  

So, a huge thumbs up for Office Depot's engineer prints.  I uploaded it on the website, paid via Paypal, and I picked it up in the morning.  Woo hoo!  Check it out for home, school, or more!!!

So, there you have it.  A winner.  Hobby Lobby.  And, Made It Monday via Office Depot.  Hop on over to...  

... And see what everyone else is crafting today!  Hope you're having a good Monday! :) 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Giveaway in... t-minus 4 hours!

Happy Sunday, friends!  Isn't it so nice to not be frantically typing lesson plans, cutting out laminating, or e-mailing parents?  *sigh*  I love summer nights.  They are full of reading, blogging, pinning, and more.  

And, wouldn't it be nice to top off your Sunday by winning my Welcome Back to Blogging Giveaway! With it, you win a $5.00 Starbucks gift card, a $10.00 Hobby Lobby gift card, and my entire Teachers Pay Teachers store!  After adding my new Dolch word walls, its value is around $25.00.  I know, I know... not a  ton, but still great.  I mean, who doesn't like FREE?  

If you haven't signed up yet, get on it!  The giveaway closes in 4 hours.  I can't wait to see who the winner is!  

Enjoy your summer Sunday, folks!  I'll post the winner of the giveaway tomorrow! 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Guided Reading, Ms. M Style!

Good ole summer.  A time to reflect on the previous school year and try to get your "you know what" in order for next year!  LOL!  Seriously, how great is the teaching profession?  We reboot at the end of every school year and can reflect on the good, the bad, and the ugly.

One of my uglies is... Guided Reading.  Okay, not the act of working on Guided Reading with my kinder kiddos, the organization of my lessons are atrocious!  The picture below is where 9 out of 10 GR lessons are written...
Yup, my lessons and groups are usually scratched in pencil or Sharpie on a Post-It, stuck in a manila folder for me to search for the next day!  Ahhhhhhh!  I need to find a better system and get my "you know what" together! 

Luckily, I found...

Whew!  Just in time!  I browsed on over and found templates & resources for my classroom.  Ms. M has pre-made lesson plan templates for all grades.  She has area specific lesson plan templates for Daily 5 and, wait for it, GUIDED READING, and so much more!   I could spend hours perusing her store!  I wish I had an eye for the detail she puts in her lesson plan templates.  There are places for objectives, strategies, groups, materials, etc.  You can type your plans in Word or write them in by hand on the PDF file.  Functional for all teacher types!    

Now the magic behind A Teacher's Plan is the wonderful Ms. M!  Check out her blog by clicking the button below!  You'll see the same kind of detail she puts into her plans in her classroom happenings as well!  L-O-V-E it!  

If you are looking to organize your planning, I highly suggest you hot tail it over to... A Teacher's Plan and check it out.  My description is not even doing it justice!  Oh, and did I mention she creates custom templates as well?  WHAAAAAAT?   My wheels are spinning about what my next template need will be.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Five for Friday!

Happy Summer, everyone!  It's summer solstice aka the longest day of the year!  What are you going to do with all the daylight you have today?  And, why do I immediately think, "It's all downhill from here, and it's going to be dark at 5:00 PM sooner rather that later."  Seasonal Affective Disorder, anyone?  LOL!  I hope you're all out, soaking up the sun (with sunscreen of course) and enjoying our new season!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share my five for Friday...
My top five things from this week...

  1. I finally finished my word wall for next school year.  Well, at least part of it.  Well, at least the pre-primer and primer words.  I printed it out last night, and I can't wait to cut and laminate!  (Or, pass it off to my favorite volunteer to do...)  It's going to look solid against my black bulletin board!

You can check it out in my TpT Store!

2.  Cleaning the house while listening to Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines!"  Anyone else with me on this song?  I L-O-V-E it!

3.  Meeting new babies!  Two of my friends, both who are teachers, had little ones within 12 days of each other.  I was able to meet up with one while she was still in the hospital and the other after she had been home for a few days.  I love those baby snuggles!!!!

4.  Starting to catch up on my number one vice besides coffee...

5.  And, while I feel like I'm a day late and a dollar short, I'm starting to read The Daily 5 by The Sisters.  Kindergarten teachers, any insight on how you run Daily 5 in your classroom?  I'd love the insight!!

So, there's my week in five short snippets!  I'm going to go get out there and enjoy all the daylight I can.  Do you think I can bank it to use in November & December when I really need it???? 

Enjoy your 1st day of summer, friends!!!! 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

TBT, Teacher Blogger Style!

The First Grade Parade is doing it Instagram style with a Throwback Thursday!  Check out this post below about three of my most favorite techy tools I use in the classroom.  It was actually on my Bloggiversary last year and right before school was about to begin!  Do you use any of these in your classroom?  Comment and let me know!  And, link up and share your TBT post as well!


Tech Tip Tuesday & Happy Bloggiversary to me!

I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' again for Tech Tip Tuesday!  
I'm super excited to share three awesome web based resources I'm found for managing all the paperwork and reminders that go with being a teacher.  Check 'em out...

1.  Sometimes I have a hard time remembering to bring home my laptop or update my flash drive's lesson plans. is a web-based lesson plan with wonderful extra features!  Need to add Common Core standards?  Just click the drop down menu, and it puts them in your plan.  No need to type it all out.  I'm excited to use this web-based lesson plan site for my 2012-2013 plans, and at only $12.00 for the year.  It's a steal!!!!

2.  Ever wish you could text the families of your students?  Ever wish you could keep some level of privacy and not hand out your cell phone number, but are still able to interact with parents after the school day ends?  Remind101 is the answer!  Send a text or e-mail to ALL your parents in one shot... all from this web based, free service!  Families sign-up and will receive texts or e-mails from you, sent through the service.  No cell phone numbers given out.  All your families get the information they need, for example... "Don't forget!  Field trip tomorrow!"  And, you can make sure everyone got the message! 

3. I intensely dislike the cavalcade of papers I send home requesting help, supplies, field trip chaperones, etc. Here's a way to do it ONLINE!  My niece's and nephew's school uses this for their PTO, and they LOVE it!  SignUpGenius creates web based sign-ups for all sorts of things!  Families can respond online, and the free service will also send out an e-mail reminder as the date draws near!  I'm going to poll my families at orientation this year to see if this would be effective to use in our classroom.  I hope they want to use it!!!!  

I hope you find these online, web based tools useful.  I know I'm excited to implement some, if not all, in my classroom this year.

Alright, on this one year bloggiversary, I'm going to go cheer on my printer as it prints labels for my kinder kiddos.  Go printer!  Go printer!  Go printer!

I hope you're having a terrific Tuesday! 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cafe au lait and a GIVEAWAY!

Do any of you go get coffee each day before school?  I am one of these people, and I am struggling keeping coffee in my house since it's summer vacation.  Right now, I am finishing my last espresso pod because I am too lazy to get dressed and forage for caffeinated beverages at Starbucks, Biggby, or even McDonalds.  (Seriously, they have $1.00 iced coffees right now!  Love it!)  Does anyone else have issues with the debate between getting dressed to go get coffee and lumoxing in PJ's all day?

Okay. Pajamas won today.

I just logged on to my Rafflecopter and was depressed, dismayed, sad to see I only have 7 entries for my giveaway.  I know, right!  It's unbelievable.  It's unfathomable.  It's to be expected since I didn't blog for 7 months, but c'mon people... FREE THINGS!

Have you been to Hobby Lobby lately?  They have beaucoup school related decor items for 80% off.  They are practically paying you to take it off their hands.  Which, most likely, is so they can set up their Christmas display in August.  Check out some of the cute stuff I perused while I was in there last week...

In this giveaway you can get a $10.00 giftcard to Hobby Lobby!  You know you're itching to get something even though you're either still in school or you've only been on summer vacation for a few weeks!

Also, you read above that I enjoy my coffee!  Who doesn't need a $5.00 Starbucks gift card to brighten their day?  Even if you're not a coffee drinker, they have iced teas, lemonade, and the most delicious berry coffee cake.  Yum!

And, last but not least, you'll receive my entire TpT store.  Yes, it's smaller than most, but I just added this lovely addition, and it's included...

All the pre-primer and primer sight words, color coded so you can easily say, "Away is the yellow word under the letter Aa."  AND, chevron word wall headers in all the colors of the rainbow.  Use one color or mix and match.  (I still haven't decided what I'm going to do when I revamp my word wall.  One color or more?)

So, head on over to my Welcome Back to Blogging Giveaway and enter to win!  I've extended the giveaway until Monday, so there's still time.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Slim Shady?

"Guess who's back?  Back again."

I'm back in the blogging world!  After a 7 month slacking hiatus, I am back!

So, lets catch up!  Are you ready?
  1. I revamped the blog.  With a rebirth, there needs to be some change!  
  2. I have a somewhat new blog name.  No more "Carried Away in... Kindergarten!"  Now, just "Carried Away in K!"
  3. This fall, I will be starting *gasp* year 11 of teaching kindergarten.  
  4. I intensely dislike acronyms like SLO, CCS, AIMSWeb, DIBELS, FIP, etc.  Does someone want to create an educator acronym dictionary?  
  5. I taught Phonics at a university last year.  Super fun working with pre-service teachers!
  6. I am addicted to leggings.  I truly believe they are the perfect kindergarten teacher attire.  Anyone else with me on this?
  7. I plan on working on TpT goodies all summer long!
With that being said, lets have a welcome back to the blogging world giveaway!  Are you ready?  

a Rafflecopter giveaway I am so happy to be back in the blogging world!  Come on over! Stop by!  Say hi!