Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cafe au lait and a GIVEAWAY!

Do any of you go get coffee each day before school?  I am one of these people, and I am struggling keeping coffee in my house since it's summer vacation.  Right now, I am finishing my last espresso pod because I am too lazy to get dressed and forage for caffeinated beverages at Starbucks, Biggby, or even McDonalds.  (Seriously, they have $1.00 iced coffees right now!  Love it!)  Does anyone else have issues with the debate between getting dressed to go get coffee and lumoxing in PJ's all day?

Okay. Pajamas won today.

I just logged on to my Rafflecopter and was depressed, dismayed, sad to see I only have 7 entries for my giveaway.  I know, right!  It's unbelievable.  It's unfathomable.  It's to be expected since I didn't blog for 7 months, but c'mon people... FREE THINGS!

Have you been to Hobby Lobby lately?  They have beaucoup school related decor items for 80% off.  They are practically paying you to take it off their hands.  Which, most likely, is so they can set up their Christmas display in August.  Check out some of the cute stuff I perused while I was in there last week...

In this giveaway you can get a $10.00 giftcard to Hobby Lobby!  You know you're itching to get something even though you're either still in school or you've only been on summer vacation for a few weeks!

Also, you read above that I enjoy my coffee!  Who doesn't need a $5.00 Starbucks gift card to brighten their day?  Even if you're not a coffee drinker, they have iced teas, lemonade, and the most delicious berry coffee cake.  Yum!

And, last but not least, you'll receive my entire TpT store.  Yes, it's smaller than most, but I just added this lovely addition, and it's included...

All the pre-primer and primer sight words, color coded so you can easily say, "Away is the yellow word under the letter Aa."  AND, chevron word wall headers in all the colors of the rainbow.  Use one color or mix and match.  (I still haven't decided what I'm going to do when I revamp my word wall.  One color or more?)

So, head on over to my Welcome Back to Blogging Giveaway and enter to win!  I've extended the giveaway until Monday, so there's still time.

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