Friday, June 21, 2013

Five for Friday!

Happy Summer, everyone!  It's summer solstice aka the longest day of the year!  What are you going to do with all the daylight you have today?  And, why do I immediately think, "It's all downhill from here, and it's going to be dark at 5:00 PM sooner rather that later."  Seasonal Affective Disorder, anyone?  LOL!  I hope you're all out, soaking up the sun (with sunscreen of course) and enjoying our new season!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share my five for Friday...
My top five things from this week...

  1. I finally finished my word wall for next school year.  Well, at least part of it.  Well, at least the pre-primer and primer words.  I printed it out last night, and I can't wait to cut and laminate!  (Or, pass it off to my favorite volunteer to do...)  It's going to look solid against my black bulletin board!

You can check it out in my TpT Store!

2.  Cleaning the house while listening to Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines!"  Anyone else with me on this song?  I L-O-V-E it!

3.  Meeting new babies!  Two of my friends, both who are teachers, had little ones within 12 days of each other.  I was able to meet up with one while she was still in the hospital and the other after she had been home for a few days.  I love those baby snuggles!!!!

4.  Starting to catch up on my number one vice besides coffee...

5.  And, while I feel like I'm a day late and a dollar short, I'm starting to read The Daily 5 by The Sisters.  Kindergarten teachers, any insight on how you run Daily 5 in your classroom?  I'd love the insight!!

So, there's my week in five short snippets!  I'm going to go get out there and enjoy all the daylight I can.  Do you think I can bank it to use in November & December when I really need it???? 

Enjoy your 1st day of summer, friends!!!! 

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