Monday, July 15, 2013

A song and a crayon conundrum...

Hi all!  How was your weekend?  I went to my first concert of the summer season, and it was fab!  

My hubs and I went to see Cheap Trick.  You know... songs like... Surrender, I Want You to Want Me, The Flame, etc.  So much fun!  
Click the pic to listen to go to YouTube and listen to "I Want You to Want Me!"  You know you'll sing along!

Okay, on to my crayon conundrum.  How many boxes of crayons to you ask students to bring with them to kindergarten?  We ask for 4 boxes, but somehow, it's never enough.  That being said, I always buy one or two class sets of crayons for community use and if someone doesn't bring in all 4 boxes.  I am a tried and true Crayola girl, but then I saw this at Target...

Okay.  I need to know.  What do you know about the up&up brand of crayons?  

I love most up&up brand items.  I have their contact solution.  I have their cleaning products.  But, I have never bought their school supplies.  In fact, is this their first year having them?  Or, am I losing my mind?  

Fill me in!  Leave a comment and let me know (as well as all the other cost conscious teachers out there) what you know about up&up crayons and school supplies!

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