Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Sunday Smorgasbord!

I'm going to admit it.  I need another weekend to recover from my weekend.  This weekend was a nonstop fest of parties, concerts, and more parties.  And, while I am on summer vacation, and the lines between weekend and week are frequently blurred... I'm one tired girlie. 

Anyways, on to my first link up with the... 

Did you see THIS on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon?
Um.  Jesse.  And.  The.  Rippers.  
Any Full House fans out there?  

I successfully threw a surprise party for my big sister!
Didn't Office Depot do an AWESOME job on those large prints?  Less than $4.00 per poster! 
 I think I'm going to do one of my class when we all come together in about a month!!!! 

I finally finished my Hundred Chart Hoopla update!
9 different hundred chart hunts for each month of the school year! 
If you've already purchased it, go check out the updates by clicking on the pic!  Or, if you'd like to check it out, the preview has September's hundred chart hunt for FREE!  

Whether they're our children at home or at school...
I love this reminder.

 I'm now off to tiredly cut out coupons.  
(The more money I save, the more I have to spend in Florida on vacation!) 

 I hope you're having a great Sunday! 

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