Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday Snapshots {linky party}

Well, I'm going to admit something. I haven't been thinking a whole lot about school. I need to be thinking about it, but when you're here...
It's really hard to focus on anything other than... vacation!  

While hubs and I are in beautiful FL, I'm linking up with...
To share what I've been up to this week... in pictures!  

Um, this happened. In Tifton, Ga. Did YOU know we have a national peanut museum? 

This happened too!  It was delicious!  Chopped pork, mac & cheese, cucumber salad, and of course... sweet tea!

This is happening... a lot... with sunscreen of course. 

Farmers market action happened too.  Do you think hubs and I can eat all this watermelon in a week?  

So, for those of you still on vacay... Find some time to soak up the summer in between laminating, cutting, and collating!  And, for those already back in school... Cherish these warm weekends while you can!  


  1. So jealous...I would love to be on the beach, LOL...looks like fun! Enjoy it and worry about the classroom later... :)

    Flamingos and Butterflies

  2. Bradenton/Sarasota... I love how close we are to the gulf!!!