Thursday, July 4, 2013

Throwback Thursday

Did you eat enough hamburgers and hot dogs today?  As I write this, I'm listening to my crazy neighbors setting off fireworks AND the online police scanner.  Those two things seem to go together, right?  LOL!  So, minus the crazies...
I enjoyed a BBQ with my fabulous family, including my sis-in-law who blogs about her first grade fun at Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade Tidbits!  What did you do this 4th of July?

Anyways, it's Thursday, and that means it's time for a throwback with The First Grade Parade!  
This post is from September 9, 2011 when I received not one, but two, Donors Choose grants! 
 If you haven't every written a Donors Choose grant... do it!  While I've had several not be fulfilled, summer is the time to get your wishes and needs out there.  Think about what you want for this year's group of children, and put it online for your friends, family, and Good Samaritans to support!  

Taking things for GRANTed...

It has been an exciting week in my kindergarten classroom!  Not only was it our first week with all 22 little darling together, but it was also "Christmas Day!"

Last school year I completed a Donors Choose project for children's yoga materials in my classroom.  The project was fully funded during the summer, and my box chock full o' yoga goodies arrived at school this week.  Hooray!

Can you say om? :)

When that project was funded, I decided, on a lark, to set up another project for Take Home Learning Packs from Lakeshore.  Little did I know, a nice couple from NYC would adopt my project, as well as many others, in hopes of raising $50,000 towards family based education activities for their 50th birthdays!  My project was funded in one week thanks to the generosity of their family and friends. 

Guess what arrived the day after my yoga materials?! 

16 awesome take home learning packs to help aid parents with that home-school connection!

I am so excited to start sending these home!  They have quality children's literature in each bag, as well as integrated activities to go across the curriculum.  I might be obsessed and spent an hour unpacking all of them, reviewing what each had inside, and getting it ready for my K families! :)

And, on this fabulous Friday... I received a letter from our local McDonald's franchise owner stating that I had been accepted for a hands-on science grant!  Mickey D's does a fabulous job of taking care of the educators and students in the area, and I appreciate everything they do.  (Plus, lets be real, I probably get their coffee 3 out of 5 mornings for my jump start!) :)

Very soonin the next month, when I find the catalog with the materials I wanted... I will order my inquiry based science lesson kits for my K kids!  (Seriously, how many catalogs do I get each day?!)   I'm excited to scaffold them in scientific inquiry and reasoning! :)

So, do you take things for GRANTed?  I remember when I was starting out, I bought everything myself.  9 years in, I've learned there are LOTS of people who value education and want to help out.  How do you get what you need/want for your class?  What successes have you had with grant writing and Donors Choose?  I sure wish I had known what I know now 9 years ago!

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