Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wisdom for New Teachers (Or reminders for us oldies...)

Do you remember that first day?  The first day you were on your own in the classroom?

Entering my 11th year of teaching kindergarten, it seems a bit foreign to me, but I still get jitters the night before. (Seriously, it's like Christmas Eve!)  I check my alarm clock eleventy billion times, and I wake up before it even goes off.  (This enthusiasm for early rising lasts about .2 seconds!)  I shower.  I primp.  I attempt to eat breakfast before 11 AM.  Then, it's off to Starbucks for the LARGEST iced coffee can make. (Can I just have a gallon please?  With extra ice since?  We don't have AC.)

There's calmness in these routines and traditions.  But, I'm always reminding myself of a few things that I think new teachers (and oldies too) should remember too.

Snack time, even on the worst day, is enjoyable.  How can you be irritated when you're eating animal crackers with 5 years olds?

Lesson plans can change.  Just because it's on paper, doesn't mean it has to be done right then.  Get a feel for your kiddos and know when it's time to switcheroo.  This will help your students stay engaged.  And, it will keep you sane! :)

Don't be afraid to hug, act silly, and make kids laugh.  You're not just a teacher.  You're a performer!

If you are about to lose your cool, take your own time-out.  I have put my head down on my desk and told my class I am taking a time out.  Or, I've stepped into the hallway, just for 30 seconds, to take a deep breath and regroup.  Kids need time-outs and so do teachers.

And, last but not least, don't be afraid of recess.  If they are N-U-T-S and can't stay on task... RECESS!  If they are down in the dumps and can't stay on task... RECESS!  Even 5 minutes of play time will get them back in action!

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  1. Thank you Kim for sharing such fantastic advice and I love the one about recess!