Wednesday, August 7, 2013

30 minutes {Or, the amount of time I was in my classroom today!}

Vacation is over.  I am back in Ohio after a fabulous trip to Florida and visiting my bestie in Atlanta!  I had a wonderful time, but the reality of school is looming sneaking here!

While traveling, I stopped at Target (of course!), IKEA (of course!), and Walgreens (of course!) to pick up school supplies from all over the country.

$9.00 worth of foam cut outs!  SURE!

10 cent folders!  Indeed!

Earlier in the summer, I found a basic $9.99 rug and wanted to spruce it up.  The hubs and I found the perfect shade of yellow duck tape to spruce it up.  Tonight, while helping me drop off my oodles of bags, he even helped me tape down my rug into a sitting place of perfection! 

Isn't he the best?  

Ignore the shambles elsewhere.

My plan is to head into school tomorrow...  I think...  After a trip to Walmart (Um, have you seen their school supply and teacher supply section?) and to lunch with one of my teaching besties.  So, I'll get there. Eventually.  T-minus 15 days until I officially report back to school! 

How's your back to school season going?  Are you in school?  Getting ready?  Or still enjoying the summer? 

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