Thursday, August 29, 2013

A first day and a cancellation.

Today was supposed to be Group B's first day of kindergarten.  Group A came to school yesterday.  Group C is coming tomorrow.  (We have staggered entry, only having about 6 or 7 children each day for the first three days.  Then, we all come together the Tuesday after Labor Day). 

Group B got the shaft from Mother Nature today, as she gave us dense fog.  

I received a text from one parent saying their child was so disappointed to not have school today.  I received an e-mail from another who said their little one was crushed.  

I had mixed emotions.  My first thought was, "Hooray!"  (Seriously, who doesn't have that when they hear they're cancelled?)  Then, I was like... "Whoa nelly!  I have a whole group who are going to miss their staggered entry day.  And, that means I'm not going to have as much time to get their initial assessments finished..."

I took it in stride though, and spent several hours at school... (along with a quarter if the teaching staff!) and organized all the paperwork I've been collecting over the past few days.  I was productive.  Now, I need to star planning for next week.  With all.  Of.  Them.  

To go with paperwork, I made a freebie at the beginning of the week in preparation for Open House.  

Keep track of your families that come to any school event with:
Click the pic to download for free in my TpT store. 

I made a copy of my Open House sign-in and put it in my teacher binder today, so there is no question who was there, and so I can turn it in to whoever looks at all those papers... LOL!

Tomorrow is Friday, folks!  Hooray for three day weekends, getting back into the school groove, and the excitement of new little learners!  Have a great evening and day tomorrow! 

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