Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Beauty Tip Tuesday {Or, what I do when I'm running late!}

I was working through online safety training yesterday, and I was determined to get it finished before a lunch date with some of my besties.  I finished all the modules but only had a short amount of to get ready for lunch. Yikes!  What's a teacher to do?!

I'm a Birchbox subscriber, and Mrs. Wheeler was sweet enough to get me an Ipsy gift subscription for my birthday.  (We love our products!!!)  I have been pretty lucky with what I've received... especially these new go-to products... that I will be buying in bulk when my samples run out...

This is my new go to when I don't have time to dry my hair. 
A few spritzes (which smell like a heavenly beach!), a scrunch and tousle, and a 9 min. drive to school = hair full of body, shine, and volume. Loving it! 

Dare I say it?  I think this product is magic!  I use this with or without make up.  It absorbs quickly into the under eye and erases those dark circles.  I look like I've slept, even though I may have been up blog stalking or pinning.  

These are two new favs that I found at Big Lots!  The eye lash curler is superb, and the mascara doesn't smudge!!!  I've been looking for a smudge free mascara for a while, and this is the one.

So, what tips do you have for getting yourself gorgeous for school?  Do you have any favorite products?  Share in the comments below!  I'd love to hear! 

All right... I'm off to school to keep working on my classroom... make-up free and far from gorgeous!  Have a terrific Tuesday! 

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