Thursday, August 15, 2013

Taming the Wild! {Teacher Week '13}

So.  I had kindergarten screening today.
And, I think some of those kiddos might need taming.  

Tomorrow, we're going to work to put all these lovely five and six year olds into classes, doing our best to control the chaos and manage the madness! :) 

In my little ole classroom, we use...
A Cupcake for the Teacher's
super cute, super effective, and super FREE clip it! behavior chart!!!!

Everyone starts on green and can either move UP to blue, purple, or pink!  Hooray!  I love the positive reinforcement!  Or, if they're having a rough day, they can move down to yellow, orange, or... (cue the dramatic music) red.  
I also use...
to monitor and record both positive and negative behaviors as well.

The one thing I adore about Class Dojo is how it creates percentages of positive/negative behaviors so you can monitor trends of specific students and the class as a whole.  Plus, did you know that families can monitor their student's behaviors during the day as well?  I had quite a few families download the app on their iPhone and check on their child's behavior throughout the day.  They loved being able to initiate conversations with their littles about any issues, big or small, when the arrived home during the day.  It became a great communication tool between home & school.  

I also L-O-V-E to work on class behavior goals.  I usually write the the goal (ie. popcorn party, stuffed animal party, pizza party, costume party) and mark of letters off as they receive compliments from related arts teachers or when they have consistent good behavior in the classroom.  When all the letters are marked off, it's party time!  The love it! 

So, that's a glimpse into my classroom management plan, but as they always say... the best laid plans... 

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